When it comes to you child, every ‘first time’ is a special moment. The first word, the first step, the first poem, the first school, or the first meal – it is all part of the first experience of a child and that of a parent. Everything first is special and important. Hence, it becomes important that the first stationery a child uses should be something that helps define the child and his/her interests.

In today’s fast-paced world, driven by technology and social media, everyone tends to put up the first memories of their children on display. Then, like everything, it also becomes important that the child’s first pencil or crayon or eraser must be perfect. So, here are some ideas for products that you can inculcate as a part of your child’s first ever journey to play school.

1. Erasers

Children are innocent and don’t quite understand the norms of the world and thus, once they start using crayons or pencils, they don’t leave any corner of the house or the book untouched. Hence, it is important to teach them how to erase the pencil or crayons marks and help them create artistic works out of all the random scribbling. But who says it has to be a dull monotonous job? Even erasing those scribbled lines can be fun, colourful and educational. Buy them a set of erasers that come in shapes of colourful fruits, helping them understand the various colours and shapes associated with these fruits in the process of teaching up how to clean up after their mess.

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2. Colours

Colours have fascinated us ever since we were as young as our babies. This is why, preschools use colours, whether in the form of chalks or crayons, to help grow the creative mind of the child and brighten up his/her understanding. Be it normal crayons or colour pencils, the first colour the child picks up also tells us about the child’s mood or personality. So, why not give them a range of colours to work with when they take their first step into the learning cycle. The colours will always brighten up both their day and yours.

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3. Pouches

Every child needs a pouch for their stationery. These pouches can sometimes be informative and educational, while being soft to touch and feel. Animal-shaped pouches give a child exposure to not only the shape, size and type of animals but also the texture. These pouches, however soft and furry from the outside, are strong and waterproof from the inside. Even the portrayal of different cartoon characters makes it all the more fun for the child.

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4. Colouring books

An easy way to teach your child about different types of fruits, animals, shapes, etc, while at an early age is through a colouring book. These books help the child understand, to a certain level, the colours of different things and recognise their shape. The pictures on the books might actually go a long way in helping them identify and draw them.

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Your child’s first stationery is as important a step as any other. It will help define him/her in the future and hence, it might become an important symbol of their existence. It becomes the duty of the parents to brighten up their child’s world with colours and shapes and teach them something in the process too.

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