Body hair removal tips for your infant

When the new born baby is born the surprise the parents as it might differ from what they see in babies in television with clean skin and light in complexion. The newborn babies are usually born with lanugo or fine hair on their bodies. This might scare some mothers hence they might consider hair removal. Even though hair removal on a newborn body is a natural process spanning one to four months after birth, we do want to hasten the process. Instead of rubbing and irritating baby’s skin with harsh and expensive lotions that many parents believe in their inexperience would lead to hair removal, there are so many home remedies one can consider that will reduce body hair removal in facts.

1. Olive oil massage

Olive oil is well known for its goodness in health, skin and hair. It has been a part of several home kitchens across the world hence it is safe to be used for babies as a part of your hair removal remedy.

Apply oil on your baby’s body, with a special focus on the parts that needs hair removal and massage gently twice a day. However just do not massage your baby with the intent of body hair removal. Massaging a baby is always a great way to strengthen the limbs and help the baby grow. So mothers keep massaging your little one for it may also help in the gradual process of body hair removal.

2. Turmeric and Milk Mix

Turmeric has the required medicinal properties to slow down and loosen hair growth. It hence when coupled with milder agents like milk helps quicken up the process of hair removal. This, if the hair growth is low, for denser outgrowths it is suggested that you go back to gramme flour remedy for hair removal.

How to apply this hair removal remedy

1. Use a paste of gramme flour, turmeric and milk to massage your baby before bath.

2. After the oiling session with olive oil apply from top to bottom.

3. Let it dry.

4. Then, remove with a soft washcloth dipped in milk.

5. Give the baby a bath.

While giving the bath, you need not use soap, as the milk acts as the cleanser. The turmeric works skin and roots deep for the perfect hair removal solution.

3. Wheat and Almond oil

Whole wheat is rich in Vitamin E, an antioxidant that promotes cell respiration and can lower the risk of skin cancer.Almond oil has good moisturising properties and works as a sun protector. The dough traps the goodness of these properties and presents itself as the perfect baby hair removal home remedy. All these ingredients are mixed into a soft Dough using a little bit of water. This dough is dipped in hot Almond oil before rubbing.

Steps to apply for hair removal

1. Rub it all over the baby’s body slowly. Circulate over the areas that need hair removal.

2. Then start rubbing over the forehead and other parts of the body that need hair removal.

This will soften the roots of the hair, weaken and it will shed gradually.

4. Ubtan and Milk Mix

Ubtan is a recommended baby hair removal remedy and works as a moisturiser of the skin. It is made of gramme flour, a pinch of turmeric powder and milk. The milk can be substituted by yoghurt or cream for maximum hair removal effect.

How to apply this hair removal remedy

1. Apply before the baby is given a massage.

2. Let it dry

3. Clean it off by giving an oil massage which helps to pull out the baby’s hair.

5. Banana Oatmeal scrub

Since your infant’s skin would most likely be dry and flaky, the banana nourishes the skin in addition to working as a hair removal agent. Along with oatmeal, this will surely make your infant’s skin soft and supple while, on the other hand, pressing for a hair removal process within the body system.

Get one ripe banana and squash properly. Add oatmeal to this and go about applying the paste in a circular fashion only in the parts that need baby body hair removal for about 15 minutes. This procedure must be repeated twice a week.

6. Besan-Milk-Wheat powder mix

For a newborn that is just a little over a month old, starting with this hair removal remedy is completely safe as recommended by doctors.  All you have to do is mix a tablespoon of all the said ingredients and apply them gently for effective hair removal.

7. Ayurvedic Atta rubbing technique

A very ingenious hair removal process, it can be used for your baby right from when it is about 28 days old.  Knead the Atta into a well-shaped dough after adding a pinch of turmeric powder. Dip the dough in hot almond oil before going about rubbing it in specific areas of your baby’s body for hair removal. Your method of rubbing must be such that it resembles a massage for it improves your baby’s blood circulation.  Though this cannot be a total hair removal guarantee, it can restrain the body hair growth

Mothers must take care to ensure that their hair removal efforts re consistent enough and should continue through the entire childhood as with age all hair removal remedies, tips and efforts yield successively lesser results. Few of the baby hair removal tips are:-

Using a pumice stone: Take care to rub the pumice stone gently after you have given your baby bath to encourage a phased out hair removal solution.

Applying Sesame Oil:  Occasionally, before you tuck your baby into the bath tub do indulge it with dollops of sesame oil. Sesame oil is well known to lighten visible hair thus being an indirect enabler in your child’s hair removal journey.

Most babies are born with a lot of body hair and it is absolutely normal. Many babies will shed off the hair during the first few more months while some might take a few more months for the hair to fall off. Before applying any of these mixtures make sure your baby is not allergic to the ingredients.

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