To begin with, let’s emphasise on the concept of “toddlers”. According to developmental psychology, being a toddler categorises as being in the primitive developmental stage where the ideas about the self as an entity in accordance with the world get seeded. Thus, it is important, as adults, to realise this malleable age where learning games for kids and activities for kids hold a pivotal position in physical, social and cognitive development.

It is necessary to make children feel wanted and a part of the larger social circle from their very first months and this can happen if you introduce some fun games for kids. You can involve them in tiny, gestural activities like sticking out the tongue and other reciprocative activities. As an infant begins to grow into a toddler, it becomes necessary to facilitate their physical as well as mental development by encouraging them to play educational games for kids.

Physical Development:

In terms of physical development, adults should focus on both, gross motor skills and fine motor skills while devising games for kids. Gross motor skills are involved in movement and coordination of the arms, legs, and other large body parts and movements. Thus, the games for the kids would be centred on making them participate in actions such as running, crawling, swimming, etc. Playing with a ball, hopping and jumping are some activities for kids which should be practised. Alongside, it is necessary to concentrate on a child’s fine motor skills as well and many games for kids popularly run on those lines. Fine motor skills are involved in smaller movements that occur in the wrists, hands, fingers, and the feet and toes. Games for kids like using a crayon, holding objects and solving puzzles are examples which may be encouraged.

Mental Development:

A child’s brain starts developing from the very first day and games for kids must be the fodder for the brain. Understanding that this happens at a much faster rate than in adults, is important so that you will not dismiss the role of games for kids. Thus, it is important to acknowledge their demands so as to ensure optimum development. Elders must facilitate the toddler’s mental growth by putting forth age relevant challenges in front of them through existing games for kids. These games for kids can stimulate their curiosity, the children can be asked simple questions like narrating the alphabets, recognising the numbers or reciting a poem. The games for kids in the form of questions can compel them to think and ponder. Examples of such games for kids can be rapid fire rounds asking them about their favourite colour, cartoon characters, etc.

Below listed are some activities for kids that are entertaining:

1. Drawing numbers on the floor and instructing them to run/ hop/ jump to the number which is being called out is one of the games for kids that will ensure that time during the holidays is spent constructively.

2. Picking out cards of a particular colour from a pile of colourful cards and asking the kid to do as it bids belongs to the list of games for kids that heightens suspense.

3. Joining the dots. The facilitator can draw lines/ figures using dots which the child is required to join. This is one of those games for kids where they have to wear their thinking caps as they form meaningful shapes and designs by joining the dots.

4. Recognising shapes, animals, fruits, etc is the perfect under 3 years games for kids.

5. Games for kids introducing concepts like opposites such as big and small, etc are popular as they can then be asked to categorise things according to these categories.

6. Reciting words and alphabets in a sing-song manner so that it gets registered in the long term memory are games for kids that make learning an interesting affair.

7. Games for kids are important to bring forth the concept of “organisation”, for instance by asking them to sort out their own toys and books.

8. Narrating stories and asking for their own understanding is one of the important games for kids that will make the child feel appreciated for their perspectives. You could also ask for their inputs in between the story and mould it accordingly. This is one of the activities for kids that would help in broadening their imagination skills.

3 TOP EDUCATIONAL ONLINE GAMES FOR KIDS: Top 3 educational online games for kids

While the above games for kids are more of an extended activity that the preschool would reinforce, your children need action in their brains while they are busy in their online games! Online games for kids need not just be about random fights, races and treasure hunt it can also be all of this with a dimension of their education leading to their victory? How about your child’s counting skills unlocking their next clue? Sounds exciting right? Then read through the top three online games for kids.

1. Shepherd Software

Now here is one of the few games for kids that you do not have to abandon after your kid finishes its preschool. Through its promising range, it can keep your kid from preschool to high school occupied as its games for kids concern expected tasks in the curriculum of that age.

2. Fun Brain

Reading and Maths cannot get more fun if they have dedicated games for kids around them. That is what MathsArchade and Madlib’s strives for. You can be rest assured that concepts will be grasped faster than a stroke of lighting in these kinds of games for kids. If your kid loves comics like Diary of a Wimpy Kid, this is a great place to visit!

3. Madagascar Math Ops

The quirky title of one of the coolest games for kids suggests a hunt with Maths lying ahead as clues! Yes, you heard it right if your child is from the ages 6-9, then send it on a rescue mission to set free innocent animals from the evil Dave. Be it Maths, Science or all those reading skills, your child has to utilise them to gain access to all the information spied upon. Probably one of the best games for kids that test their intelligence than making them blow up a couple of cars.

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