What Is Vaginal Thrush?

 So basically, vaginal thrush is nothing but another term for what is commonly called yeast infection, which may develop due to a number of causes working as the source. You experience vaginal thrush when a particular kind of yeast (fungus) called Candida albicans outgrows its usual amount around and on the vaginal area. Popularly known as only candida, it is present in your intestinal tract and your vaginal area, but in a restricted amount.

Candida is generally kept in control by a kind of bacteria called lactobacillus, which is friendly enough to stop it as soon as it surpasses its standard amount in the body. However, in case there is any change in the normalcy of lactobacillus secretion in your body, there is an immediate drop in your immunity level and it fails to keep a check on the candida generation. Hence, you develop a yeast infection or vaginal thrush.


1. Vaginal discharge – You may experience a white, cottage cheese-like vaginal discharge.

2. Redness and irritation around the vaginal area.

3. Soreness that may cause itching and pain during urination or sex.

Probable causes

1. Pregnancy (hormonal changes might cause candida to thrive)

2. Cancer (vaginal thrush is a common side effect of chemotherapy)

3. Diabetes (higher sugar level lead to the outgrowth of candida)

4. Inappropriate drug consumption

In case you’re experiencing recurring bouts of vaginal thrushes (twice in six months), we suggest you consult a doctor right away. Do not take it lightly if you’re having vaginal bleeding too. These may be signs of a severe case of vaginal thrushes that need immediate attention.

Check if your partner has a history of any kind of STDs or we suggest you both go get a routine check up done for STDs.

Vaginal thrushes are usually curable and are treated by either over-the-counter creams or even natural remedies that are not that hard to follow.

Let us look at 7 ways you can take care of vaginal thrush.

1. Change Your Choice In Lingerie

Vaginal thrush could be due to tight lingerie. Fabric like nylon and polyester tend to be tight, cause a hindrance in air flow and block moisture around the vaginal area. You should know that yeast only grows in moist and blocked areas and hence, it is possible for you to develop infection wearing lingerie made of any of the mentioned fabrics. We suggest you switch to cotton lingerie, as it ensures enough airflow.

2. Include Yogurt In Your Diet

Yogurt contains probiotics that help control yeast outgrowth. It also maintains a proper balance of all the bacteria present. In case you don’t like yogurt, switch to probiotic supplements.

3. Boric Acid

Boric acid has proven to be really helpful in treating yeast infection. It often works better than a lot of antifungal medicines, though we suggest you consult a doctor before consuming it and have it medically prescribed if possible.

4. Add Vinegar To Your Water During Shower

Vinegar helps your acidity level remain normal. Your vaginal pH must be between 3.5 to 4.5, and vinegar mixed with water helps you achieve it in case your acidity level there is low. Vinegar helps you balance the pH level and keep it acidic, which is good to fight the outgrowth of yeast in the area.

Hence, add 4-5 tablespoons of vinegar in your water in a bucket of water and mix it well before you take bath. This will help you cure vaginal thrush.

5. Use A Lubricant During Sex

Make sure your vagina is lubricated enough during sex. Enough lubrication avoids yeast outgrowth due to dry friction.

6. Avoid Using Soaps In The Area

Harsh chemicals in soaps remove the mucus from the vaginal area that contain friendly bacteria to fight yeast outgrowth. Use a mild cleanser, odourless and rub it around gently.

7. Cut Down On Sugar

Irregular sugar control can lead to yeast infection too. In case you notice any signs of the symptoms, cut down on food containing sugar such as cold beverages and beer. Switch to sugar-free foods and avoid any sweet in general for a while and you’ll be good.

Do not self-diagnose vaginal thrush. These symptoms may be for other problems too, so visit a doctor and implement these remedies after you receive the green signal from the doctor.

Take care!

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