Congratulations. You’ve made it! You’ve survived the first two trimesters and now we’re here to guide you into a smooth sailing third. It’s that trimester where you’re likely brimming with excitement and even a bit of anxiety, and it’s our job to put you at ease.

Here’s a list of dos and don’ts to follow this trimester to get you geared up for your D-day.

The Dos
1. Formulate your birth plan

When it comes to childbirth, it often doesn’t go as planned. However, it’s still better to figure out your options. Learn more about it just to feel prepared. This is also the best time to decide upon who you want in your delivery room and practice additional pain management techniques in order to make your labour day as stress-free as possible.

2. Read more on baby care

With babies, you can never know too much. Now should be the time when you begin preparing yourself for taking care of the baby. Include your partner in this as well, as he needs to be as prepared as you to take care of a newborn. You can’t always depend on your parents or any older person, who is supposedly more experienced, to guide you.

3. Gear up for breastfeeding

Read and learn as much as you can about breastfeeding techniques. Talk to people and gain as much knowledge about the task. It’s true that there’s only so much you can learn in theory about a practical task, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

4. Make your house baby ready

If you’re planning on getting your house baby-proofed, now’s the time. Even if you’re not, this would be the ideal time to get the house ready for a baby by stocking up on supplies or doing a thorough cleaning or any painting and renovation that is to be done.

5. Take it slow

Everyone knows that pregnancy makes you more tired, but during the third trimester, this is especially true. Make sure you begin saving your energy for labour during the last days of your third trimester. Also, make sure not to stand up too quickly to avoid getting a blood rush.

And the DON’TS…
1. Don’t lose out on sleep

It’s important you get your share of rest. Don’t lose out on sleep stressing over trivial things. This only worsens the situation further. Make sure you set all things aside and get a good night’s rest. At this point, it’s all about conserving your energy.

2. Manage your stress

As mentioned above, pregnancy makes you vulnerable to stress. Whether it’s stress about the baby or any other trivial matter, it’s best not to let this get to you. Stress during the third trimester can be extremely dangerous for the baby. It is said that at this point, a baby begins sensing the environment around them. Try de-stressing by practising yoga or gardening. Adult colouring books are also known to reduce anxiety by a huge margin. Don’t let the stress get to you or your baby.

3. Don’t worry about going past the due date

A lot of to-be mothers worry over having passed the due date. But it’s important to remember that all pregnancies are not the same. The due date your doctor gives you is based on an average number. Going a little above or below this due date in most cases isn’t a cause for worry.

4. Don’t slouch

Posture becomes essential in a pregnancy. Especially during the third trimester, when you have grown a significant amount, bad posture can lead to extreme back pains. With the discomfort caused by pregnancy, this should be another cause of pain to you.

5. Don’t worry about your shape right after you deliver

It is likely that you may still look pregnant after labour. This is because of the abdominal muscles gets stretched out during pregnancy, but this reduces with time and the right exercises. It is important to mentally prepare for this change and not let yourself fret too much about it. 


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