Gas are normal to everyone. And in Babies it is very common  so Our new mommies don’t panic . First we will discuss why it happen and what are the symtopms.
Normally we thought it happen only after feeding. Or you feed mothers milk or food. As we all know BRUP is very important partin thier cycle.But after that some babies have issue with gas pain. They might pull up his / her legs, they tight them or make themselfe very confortable . They  cries a lot in uncontrolled way. Due to gas they will stop intaking any milk or food.There are lots of way to ease the pain.
You give child massage which ease the pain and it comes out in brup or fart from.
Some excercise are also there like 
**Rub your baby tummy in clock wise while he/she lying on her back
**Some yoga you can do which help to ease ( plz check the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgFRfKx7jfA )
Apart of this you can try some home remedy like
**Put Asafetida (HING) and water mixture on the naval which relife them quickly. 
**If he/she is on mother feed then mother will take  Carom seeds i.e ajwain water with little black salt .
** Mothers can take the basic home made powder which help both mom and baby in digestion and the ingridents are carom seed i.e ajwain , asafetida i.e hing, black salt i.e kala namak(acc. to taste). Make carom seed roasted then add asafetida and black salt and grind it together. Take it after every meal that will help you both mom n baby.( tried and tested)
We feel relife when our babies are happy. And i am feeing happy to share my knowledge.
Thanks evreyone for reading 

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