It isn’t easy to pacify a crying baby, even if you know why they are crying. Sometimes, you need to come up with new ways to console your baby, which you may not be able to think of at the moment your baby is crying because of the panic.

Well, we thought we’d help you out with a few things you could do to pacify your crying baby.

1. Make A Baby Burrito

Newborn babies want to feel safe and secure like they did when they were in the mother’s womb. You can wrap them in a warm blanket, nice and snug, with their arms by their sides, so they aren’t startled when they flail out, to create the feeling of cosiness they had enjoyed for nine months. They are accustomed to it and feel comfortable being wrapped. It will make them stop crying. Also, a newborn baby takes some time getting used to the outside world.

2. Go Outside

Babies love to go outside. It is a brand new world for them and they are amazed by every little surprise nature throws at them. A little walk in the fresh air is very beneficial for their health too. Also, going outside will provide necessary movement and a change in the environment that will not only soothe the baby but will also calm you down.

3. Consider Allergies

Check for any allergies in your baby. Sometimes, we ignore the fact (or remain oblivious to it) that the baby may have developed some allergies, which make them cry nonstop. Approximately 2%-3% of all babies are allergic to milk proteins, a chief ingredient in many baby formulas. If a baby is allergic to the protein in milk, it may cause gas and stomach pain, leading to endless crying. You should at once seek a doctor if the baby shows repeated signs of irritability or vomiting.

4. Change the Story

Babies have great levels of concentration and if they are focused on something that is troubling or hurting them, they will start crying. At times like these, you can try to distract them. Try shifting their focus onto something else. This will work like pressing the reset button. The baby will forget about whatever it is that was troubling them and will be engrossed in the new interest that you show them. And yes, they will also stop crying. 

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