There has been an endless debate since forever on why men prefer to have daughters while women are more interested in having sons. The internet is flooded with resources, threads and confessions on the topic.

We bring you 6 reasons that may shed some light on why this happens.

1. In reply to a question posted on Quora, ‘Why do “most men” prefer a daughter over a son?’, a user answers, “I suppose it is the beautiful relationship between a father and his daughter that most men desire. Men love women and there is nothing better than raising one. A father learns so much from his daughter, and that his fatherhood becomes an endless journey filled with love and compassion.

2. A new research revealed by the New York Times last weekend reveals that daughters (not sons) make men better. Daughters make them more generous, more likely to think of others first, and generally more sharing. It’s not really that surprising.

3. A person on the internet reveals that while he loves his son, it was his daughter who truly changed him for the better. It was her tiny body that had him spreading more good to the world and wanting to do better. He needed a daughter.

4. As unusual as it may sound, fathers love to do girly stuff with their daughters. They love combing their hair, dressing them up and they enjoy themselves a lot in this process. This helps them become more of a friend to their daughters in addition to being a loving parent.

5. Another reason why men are keener on a daughter is that that they do not feel threatened by a daughter, but they see a son as a threat to their dominance or their alpha male position. A daughter will always be a daddy’s princess and for the girl, her father will always be the king. But when it comes to a son, as he grows up, he challenges his father’s position in the family and wishes to take control, which may lead to frequent conflicts between them.

6. A daughter changes her father in a lot of ways. She makes him more responsible and more respectful. Daughters make their fathers a better person.

Below are two revelations by fathers on how their daughters changed them.

I have always held women in high esteem, but having a daughter made me realise just how different they are treated by society. For example, when somebody sees a little girl they always say “Oh, she’s so beautiful”, and when they see a boy, they often comment on how clever he is or how physical he is. I’m guilty of this myself. In all fairness, my daughter is the most beautiful creature I have ever seen…but I try to balance out my comments with insights into her physical prowess and intelligence.

“I have 2 daughters, ages 6 and 9. Before children, I was guilty of saying things like “You throw like a girl” and “You run like a girl.” After I had children, I realised just how much of a negative connotation ‘Like a girl’ is and how it shouldn’t be used, and I felt so bad inside thinking my kids would be made to feel bad about things like this. I help them engage in anything they want to do, whether it is dressing up, sports, making jewellery or getting into tech stuff, and I will never use “Like a girl” in a negative way ever again.

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