Yep, our other halves – men – are as mysterious as they can get. We know that, more often than not, it’s men who find us strange, but they’re no different either. Has it ever happened to you that you’ve asked your husband to comment on your dress for the evening and he went mum?

Or has he ever donned a confused expression when you’ve asked him about the movie that makes him cry? Men are as strange as they find us to be and it’s impossible to make a man speak out what’s in his heart.

Now, they might have a lot inside that they don’t express, but trust us, there are things he adores about you that he never talks about. Let’s take a look at some such things he may never let you know of.

1. Your Non-Stop Blabbering

It isn’t very rare for a husband to express he’s annoyed when you go on and on about how your day was, what you ate, how many times you texted your best friend and so on. However, let us tell you (and yes it is tried and tested) men love your voice, and if you don’t believe us, try staying mum or speaking less for a change and see him worrying only to ask you questions like “Is everything okay?”.

2. Your Clumsiness

Women are often perceived or rather expected to be proper, sophisticated and docile in nature, but what you don’t know is that men adore your clumsiness, for they find it irresistibly cute. Like, have you ever dropped a pile of clothes after laundry and seen your husband smile at your silliness silently? Yes, that’s what we’re talking about.

3. Your Endless WhatsApp Texts

We know there are times when a lot of your texts do not receive responses and that is because your man might be out with his friends or at work. But you must know that each time he reads your text, even if it’s a “hey” for the 10th time, there’s a calm demeanour on his face, for surprise, surprise, he finds comfort in knowing you’re around.

4. Your Possessive Nature

As long as it’s not obsessive in nature, men love when you enquire about women they share either their workspace or social circle with. This particular kind of concern keeps them assured you’re into them and each time you ask about a woman, notice that sly smile on their faces. 

5. Your Childlike Behaviour

Men love when you jump or hop on them or even ask for a piggyback ride. They might ask you to “grow up” a couple of times, but trust us, the moment you stop, they’ll ask for your older, chirpier self back. Try it!

6. Your “Best Buds” Behaviour With His Gang Of Friends

Men absolutely adore when you get along with his guy friends. In case you’re the kind to have a meal and share a few laughs with his friends the way he does, you’re not only his partner, but also a gang member, and that is something he’ll always flaunt with pride.

7. Your Acknowledgement Of Him As A Partner Around Other Guys

Well, who doesn’t like attention, especially if it’s a competition-like situation going on? You might have a lot of male fans going gaga over you in your A-line dress and pumps, making you gush. However, what makes your husband gush is when you hold his hand amidst all the attention. He’s assured all your attention is on him and this is something he finds adorable.

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