summer vacation

Are you planning to take a break from your hectic babysitting/work schedule? If yes, we completely support your decision and think you must do so right away! Childcare and work can certainly take a toll on you and we don’t blame you at all. In fact, we think it is extremely important and you must take a break from your usual routine, so you can not only relax yourselves but give your baby a touch of the outer world, which is very important for him/her. Their exposure to the air we breathe and different climates are extremely crucial to building an immune system that is strong enough to guard them against their surroundings.

So, apply for leave at work today and book your tickets right now. But wait, do you know where to go? It isn’t that easy picking a destination when you know you have a baby with you, is it? We understand your situation and hence, are here to suggest places.

Let us look at our favourite picks for Indian destinations you can enjoy with your baby.

1. Ooty 

Ooty is nothing less than a paradise and if you’ve been there already, you would know what we are talking about. With serenity everywhere, it is a place that will rejuvenate your souls and freshen your minds. The temperature in Ooty differs from extreme to mild cold, but if you don’t like the cold too much, visit the town during summer. The hotels in Ooty are well-equipped for childcare, and tourist spots like Avalanche Valley and Kalhatti Falls need to be visited if you are going to be in town.

2. Thekkady in Kerala

Well, there’s a special reason we are mentioning Thekkady and that has to do with something that fascinates children the most. Remember those zoo visits when you were five years old? Yep, it is something very similar, but just a little more interesting this time. Thekkady’s Periyar wildlife sanctuary is home to threatened species and allows you, and your child, to see animals in the wild rather than caged.

Yes, knowing this is a destination recommended for children, we want to mention the elephant package here, which includes not just watching them, but also playing with them and bathing them (interesting, right?). Just imagine your tiny tot jumping with joy when an elephant sprinkles water through its trunk. Trust us, it’s going to be an incredible experience. However, we suggest you keep away from entering the core areas inside the sanctuary without a guide.

3. Anantagiri Hills 

This place, situated in Telangana, is close to Hyderabad in proximity (almost 2 hours away). Its lush greenery and scenic vibe with lakes and waterfalls will relax you enough to forget your stress. The best part about this place is its seclusion in terms of commerce and hence, it isn’t as crowded as other places, making it a peaceful destination for a holiday.

summer vacation

4. Darjeeling

With its soothing weather and activities, such as cable cars and rides in toy trains, Darjeeling is as fun as you would imagine it to be. Lush green tea gardens and a few museums must be on your list. You can reach Darjeeling by either flying down to Bagdogra and then taking a car from there or making it to Siliguri, a small town at the foot of the hills, from where you can board the toy train.

5. Jaisalmer

This royal city of lakes is the perfect destination for you. Avoid going during the summers though and make sure you plan your trip to the place sometime between September to January. Impress your baby with some camel interaction in the desert and see how amused he/she will be.

6. Rann of Kutch

Situated in Gujarat, it is an accumulation of salt marshes that look like the land of snow. Peaceful in nature, it is the best place for you to go relax. You can visit lakes and parks, and trust us, you’ll understand why it’s one of the most beautiful destinations, for we bet you haven’t seen a white desert before this, have you?

All these places are well-equipped with all baby essentials, including comfortable housing and moderate temperature to soothe your minds. We urge you to give them all a try!

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