Bridal showers are important milestones for moms-to-be and also for experienced mothers to share their wisdom with the new moms. It is a celebration for the strongest bond that will be formed between mother and child. Picking the perfect gift can be tough. You can always pick something from the gift registry (if any), or a gift card is perfect for a quick gift, but if you want to gift the expecting mother something different, something unique, something that they will remember, then this list will come to your rescue.

1. Baby Record Book

A baby record book is a wonderful and thoughtful gift that lets parents capture and chronicle beautiful memories of their baby. Even in the era of smartphones, this is a classic and will never go out of fashion.

2. Teething Necklace

This is a gift that will act as both a fashion accessory and also a hygienic teether to comfort the sore gums of a teething baby.

3. Baby Bean Chair

Tiny babies who are not yet able to roll and move around by themselves need a safe and comfy space. Baby bean chairs are cozy and soft, ensuring the baby has a peaceful nap. The safety harness on the chairs keeps them secure.

4. Baby Bandana

Gift a baby bandana to give the baby an unmatched style statement. These will make the baby look adorable and also quickly absorb any drool, keeping the baby clean and dry.

5. Unisex Bodysuit

Bodysuits are always needed with infants. You can get a bodysuit made of fine fabric like cotton for a baby’s soft skin. It’s even better when it’s decorated with patterns and colours.

6. Maternity Dresses

Baby showers are not only about the baby, but also about the mom-to-be. A set of maternity dresses would be a wonderful gift for the expecting mother. A dress that can make her look lovely during the pregnancy, when the body is going through a lot of change, is something she is sure to appreciate and remember you for.

7. Baby Monitor

There is no way one can keep an eye on a child all day. However, as soon as the attention of the parents slip, babies may get themselves in trouble. A baby monitor lets the parents see the activities of their baby remotely and check if the baby needs something. This is a necessity for every parent, making it a perfect gift for a baby shower.

8. Non Contact Thermometer

This is yet another item that is a necessity in a family that is expecting a baby. The temperature of a baby needs to be recorded and monitored regularly to ensure they are always on the safe side in terms of health. It is another gift that will be definitely be of great use to the parents.

9. Mommy Recovery Gift

This could be a set of body oils, balms, herbs and creams to help the mother recover from her post pregnancy issues like skin problems and help her achieve her younger glowing skin.

10. Newborn Photography Session

To lock the memories of the birth of a newborn eternally and being able to live and cherish them forever is something every parent would dream of. A gift card from a professional newborn photography session is a priceless gift.

11. Gift Baskets

You can put in some effort and love in making a gift basket for the baby with items like towels, diapers, wraps, blankets, powder and creams. These are things that will prove useful when the baby arrives.

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