Abortion is a heartbreaking, painful and traumatic experience. Abortion, due to any reason, is not an easy thing to go through. Many couples go through an abortion to delay the pregnancy, as they a not yet ready for a child, while other cases may involve medical or physiological complications. However, conception after abortion has always been a topic of debate and a lot of misconceptions are formed in the society regarding the same. This article will provide you with the facts and details that you need to know about getting pregnant again after an abortion.

1. Abortion does not affect fertility

It is a common delusion among the masses that a lady cannot get pregnant again if she has had an abortion. If done by an expert with proper guidance, abortion does not affect fertility. Fertility issues arise only if the reproductive organs get damaged during the abortion process. However, with advances in medical science each day, the rate of such complications is declining.

2. Repeated abortions can render you incompetent

Undergoing an abortion to delay pregnancy is fine, but opting for multiple abortions one after the other could cause scarring at the top of the cervix or inside the uterus, weakening the cervix. Due to this, you may suffer from an incompetent cervix, which may lead to untimely termination of pregnancy.

3. Necessarily use contraception after abortion

Even after abortion, you would still be ovulating. So, you can still get pregnant after an abortion, if you do not use contraceptives. An unwanted pregnancy soon after an abortion is not good for your health, as you are not ready for it both mentally and physiologically.

4. Take help from experts

When planning for pregnancy after abortion, always seek guidance from your doctor. Get all the necessary check-ups and tests done to evaluate the health of your body to know whether it is ready for pregnancy.

5. Avoid getting pregnant soon after an abortion

Getting pregnant soon enough after an abortion could be dangerous, as advised by experts. The minimum period between an abortion and getting pregnant again should be of three months. This is the time needed for the uterus to heal. Getting pregnant before that could result in complications. The uterus softens after an abortion and this could induce contractions forcing the fetus out, which is sometimes followed by excessive bleeding. Experts advise that it is ideal to wait for at least six months before trying to get pregnant again.

6. Load up on folic acid

If you plan on getting pregnant after an abortion, it is advised to start on folic acid pills, especially if you have had multiple abortions and are having a late pregnancy. Folic acid pills prevent birth defects in a fetus and resuly in a healthy pregnancy.

7. Have frequent sex

When you are ready to get pregnant, try to have more sex with your partner during the most fertile days so as to increase the chances of conception. Do not give up hope too soon. It takes time for the body to recover and get back to the normal pattern of hormones to help you conceive.

8. Consider assisted pregnancy

Women who have had an abortion before may have some issues in getting pregnant later, even after taking all the necessary precautions. One may always consider assisted pregnancy as a viable option. Assisted pregnancy procedures like IVF and IUF are becoming popular in modern times. You can find a good clinic or facility and can schedule an appointment. Take your time in evaluating the options. In IUF, the fertilization is assisted inside the uterus, whereas in IVF, the fertilization is made to happen in petri-dishes, outside the body, and the fetus is then implanted in the womb. Usually, the IUF is the preferable and first choice. 

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