A postpartum delivery girdle or belt is basically a stomach binder that women who have just given birth would consider purchasing and using. It is used and even prescribed to a number of new mommies, so as to go give abdominal support to manage back pains, which may otherwise be a hindrance to their daily tasks and activities. It also helps maintain posture and prevents any potential back problems post-delivery. What a belly wrap essentially does is put a little pressure on the abs so that the uterus can come back to its normal size faster.

However, you must always buy one with caution and care because your body is very sensitive after giving birth, and one wouldn’t want to spend money on something that is counterproductive anyway!

When buying a belly girdle, keep the following guidelines in mind.

1. How comfortable the belt feels

A belly girdle is typically worn the entire time you’re not on your back for at least a month or longer post pregnancy. Considering this, you should pick one that doesn’t add further strain to your body, and one that doesn’t leave you itchy or with cuts in your skin. Remember, you have to wear it for almost the entire day and hence, the belt shouldn’t be made of an inferior material or quality because that can definitely backfire, which brings us to our next point…

2.  Quality!

It is best to research your options before purchasing a belly girdle. It is advised to look up different brands and reviews, ask other mums who have used belly belts for support and only go for trusted options! If the belt isn’t made right, it will come with more cons than pros, and may even end up causing you a great deal of discomfort on a daily basis.

3. Invisibility and how well the belt works for you

You will have to wear the belt under your clothes, so you’d want to go for one that doesn’t show from beneath your attire. You need on that can easily be concealed, especially if you’re a working mum or have to leave the house a lot! Also, some belts might stay in place when you’re not moving much but slip down if you bend a certain way. This will require readjustments all the time, which can prove very annoying. So, buy a belt that works for you and your routine.

4. Size

Always buy a belt that fits you perfectly! A belt too tight can cause serious discomfort and cut into your skin, and a loose one will keep on slipping off and won’t be of any use at all. You might even, in fact, have to buy a number of girdles of different sizes, as your waist size reduces because of constant use of the belt and helps shed your pregnancy kilos!

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