Dear mums, it’s not too late. We know that the products you use on your baby’s skin are not as considerate as you are. What you’ve been happily (or proudly) using as soap all these days almost always contain harsh chemicals. The reason you don’t realise this is because you are blinded by misleading advertisements.

Fortunately, we can fix this. We’ll tell you what it takes and what to start using immediately.

Do you know that it takes the correct pH level to keep your baby’s skin fresh and healthy?

The term ‘skin pH’ is an indicator of your skin’s health. On a scale of 0-14, where being on the lower side means acidic, and on the higher end, basic. There’s a reason we take this seriously.

During birth, your baby’s pH value is the same as that of pure water – a neutral 7. The next 3 weeks, your baby develops a sort of shield against skin problems, called an ‘acid mantle’. Once this is developed, your baby’s pH value drops to 5.5 and needs to be maintained at that. 5.5 is that special number giving your baby’s skin the perfect balance on the pH scale. This needs to be maintained with close care as your little one grows up.

So, how do you achieve this?

Now that you know how powerful your baby’s skin’s pH value is, would you continue using products that harm this value?

Carefully prepared to maintain your baby’s skin pH, here’s a list of products by Sebamed that prove healthy protection.

1. Sebamed Baby Wash

Sebamed’s baby wash is a mild body wash that helps maintain the skin’s pH level at 5.5. It is free from harmful elements such as phthalates, mineral oil and fatty alcohol, keeping your baby’s skin away from soapy elements that are highly alkaline (basic) in nature.

This product could be used both as a normal cleanser and shampoo, and hence, is a must for your baby’s healthy skin.

You can buy the product here.

2. Make Sure Your Baby’s Face Doesn’t Lose Its Glow

This cream works wonders for your baby’s skin. It contains hyaluronic acid, which is extremely healthy for your little one’s skin and helps protect its acid mantle. It has a smooth, grease-free texture that makes it easy for application, without irritating your baby. We suggest you try this product yourself to see the difference.

You can check out the product here.

3. Sebamed Baby Massage Oil

This massage oil for babies should be applied after a bath. It contains elements such as soya oil and wheat germ oil, which work against hard water and bring the pH level of your baby’s skin back to 5.5. A gentle 15-20 minute long massage after the bath with this oil is all your baby needs!

Buy the product here.

4. Tear Free Shampoo For Her Eyes And Hair

Mild in nature, it helps protect your baby’s hair by enhancing the acid mantle of your baby’s scalp and hence, results in an increase in his/her hair growth. The plus point of this product happens to be that it is free of phthalates (a compound that is very harmful to the hair) and hence, it is prescribed by many dermatologists. Try it now.

Buy the product here.

5. You Don’t Have To Shorten Bathing Sessions Now

Sebamed Baby Bubble Bath is a mild cleanser with elements such as chamomile extract, which soothes, hydrates and protects your baby’s delicate skin, bringing its pH level back to 5.5. So guess what?! You can give your baby a long bubble bath now without having to worry about any dryness or rashes that arise due to a long time in the water on a daily basis. So what are you waiting for? Go get the product now and have your tiny tot enjoy his/her spins and splashes without any rashes. Have fun!

Buy the product here.

6. For That Preciously Smooth Skin


This product is free from paraffin, silicone oil, parabens and propylene glycol, and keeps your baby’s skin soft and smooth, without causing any imbalance in its pH level. Massage your baby’s skin with it for a few minutes and you will never see him/her suffer from any kind of skin damage.

Buy the product here.

7. Sebamed Baby Lotion 

Gentle application of this product on a daily basis, 2-3 times in a day, can assure your baby healthy skin. Free from elements such as paraffin, silicone oil, parabens, propylene glycol and dioxane, it is completely safe and mild on your baby’s skin.

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8. For Your Baby’s Soft Bum

This product contains elements such as Chamomilla Recutita and panthenol that work effectively against skin irritation and inflammation, and hence, it is highly recommended for your baby’s cute cotton-like bum. It has a soft lacing of viscose (70%) and polyester (30%) that soothes your baby’s skin all the time, giving them the utmost comfort.

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9. Sebamed Baby Sun Lotion

This product protects your baby’s skin against sunburn and harmful tanning, while also retaining the pH level at 5.5. It can’t get any better than this, giving your child the best a sunny day has to offer. Try it now!

Buy the product here.

10. For Rashes Free Skin

Free from substances such as formaldehyde, nitrosamines and dioxane, this cream protects your baby’s skin against aggressive inflammation, all thanks to the titanium dioxide present in it, which helps maintain the acid mantle of your child’s skin. Try this product now and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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