Pregnancy is a beautiful journey that only a woman is blessed enough to experience. Though you might feel it’s taking a toll on you every now and then, once your bundle of joy is in your arms, it’s a living testimony of how beautiful pregnancy and motherhood is as a journey. Now, stop us if we’re wrong, for if you are a woman you will definitely agree with us and this is something we know already.   

However, pregnancy has its own way of making you look and feel beautiful. Here we point out unique ways in which beauty is brought out by pregnancy in a woman.    

1. Facial Glow

During your second trimester, you might notice a different glow on your face that will bring you plenty of compliments. This is the magic of your raging hormones, and for a change, it’s working in your favour.

2. Fuller Breasts

Your breasts grow rounder and fuller once you start lactating, and believe us when we say it does add to your beauty. We’re more than sure that this new figure you have is working like a charm in making your new outfits more gorgeous than you imagined.

3. Dark, Thick Hair

When you conceive, the increase in your body’s oestrogen levels will reduce hair fall to an extent, where it is practically negligible now. This is actually the main reason you notice a sudden change in the texture and thickness of your hair.

4. Long Nails

Your nails start growing faster around the onset of your second trimester, and in case you’ve reached that stage of pregnancy already, you know what we’re talking about. In case you’re a huge lover of nail arts, now is your time to experiment with different designs as much as you want. Have fun!

5. Chubby Cheeks, Rosy Lips

In case you’ve been slim all your life, now is your chance to don curves on all sides, making you more beautiful than ever. We know you’re worried too about the weight you’ve put on, but now, you can choose the exercise routine you want for after delivery, and keep the curves you want and get rid of those you don’t want. Also, there are chances this new curves could boost your sex life.

6. Toned Muscles

In case you’ve picked up on a mild exercise to keep both yourself and your baby fit, you’re bound to have toned muscles apart from your round, toned belly. And believe us when we say, this might actually be the only phase you feel so pumped up and full of life. Plus you get to keep your body in shape! What else do you want?

7. Softer Skin

In your second trimester, you might notice that your skin is a lot softer than it used to be. This is because you’re advised to drink plenty of water and even due to hormonal changes.

Remember, you’re always beautiful in your own skin. Pregnancy just has its own exclusive ways to remind you of it.



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