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After having received the fruits of your labour, quite literally, most of us neglect to stop and think about the toll it has taken on your skin, body, hair and mind. Do you ever wonder how getting back to your pre-pregnancy form is  taking more time than you estimated it to? Fret not, we have highlighted some tips to swear by to keep you looking young and beautiful after having a baby.

1. Get moving!

Exercise, as hard as this may be to get around to, in order to look and feel young and  healthy, exercise is a must. A good tip to keep in mind post pregnancy is that the faster you get around to staying fit, the faster the results will be as your body is still a soft mould that is easier to change. By exercise, I don’t mean you need to immediately hit the gym and exhaust yourself with a session of cardio. Take it slow. Engage in those exercises that directly focus on ‘tightening the loose ends’ if you will. Planks, squats and crunches are few of those that will help tighten your muscles. Starting with a mere 10 minutes is enough to begin with. If you don’t think these types of exercise are up your league, turn to yoga. The benefits of yoga are innumerable. So try starting your day with a good ole surya namaskara to feel fresh and release any baby stress that’s getting to you. 

2. Pack in those vitamins

This point cannot be stressed on more. You are what you eat. Eating right and getting in the appropriate amount of vitamins, proteins and nutrition is essential for both you and the baby. The baby feeds off you so make sure you’re ingesting all the right things. Getting a good amount of water, eating dried fruits and berries and leafy vegetables all help in maintaining a healthy body and a healthy mommy equals a healthy baby.

3. Get back that bounce

Post pregnancy hair loss is a common concern for most women, as it should be. Hair forms the structure of your face and when this essential element to your looks is destroyed, although temporary is definitely still a cause for concern. Make sure you take the required vitamins namely vitamin B and C. To make your hair look fuller, try sporting a shorter hair style. Also avoid using styling products that use heat as this further leads to damage.

4. Bring out that glow in your skin

To help keep your pregnancy glow in tact, maintain a daily morning and night routine for your skin. Ensure to exfoliate those dead skin cells at least once a week through either dry brushing or a scrub. Don’t limit this to just your face but be sure to tackle the rest of your body as well, especially your stomach. Cleanse your face and moisturize with a light serum that doesn’t clog your pores. Moisturize your entire body as well with cocoa or shea butter or even coconut oil both morning and night. Apply an under eye serum or make a DIY treatment with tea bags or coffee and of course, make sure to sleep when the baby sleeps to get the adequate sleep you need.

5. Rejuvenate yourself

Every once in a while indulge in a day of pampering. Pay a visit to your regular salon and get a hair spa, manicure or facial done. You can also rejuvenate yourself with a body massage. If you think you don’t have the time to go all the way there, there are places that offer these services at home. Indulging in a nice long bath is also a good way to relax yourself which in turn reflects on your face and body.

6. Dress right to feel right

The clothes you wear play a huge role in how you look overall. So make sure to choose clothes that flatter your body shape. Don’t draw attention to the unflattering bulges but rather accentuate the parts you love about your body. Accessorize and change up your styles in order to avoid being boring.

7. Take a walk!

A good tip to stay de-stressed and avoid those lines on the face is to go out in the sun and just take a walk. Listen to some music, soak in all the nature and get away from your ‘baby cave’ every once in a while. Call the sitter or ask your husband or a family member to take care of the baby while you enjoy away from all the baby banter and reconnect with yourself. 

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