Naming a child is one of the first challenging tasks faced by parents. It is literally a decision that you and your child will have to live with for the rest of your lives! But don’t worry about it too much – it is possible to change the name after all. Here are some of the thoughts that run through a mother’s mind when naming their child. All mothers can definitely relate to these.

1. “It’s just a name. No big deal.”

At the beginning of their pregnancy, mothers are quite calm about naming their child. There are nine months left after all and so many names to choose from. What could be so tough about choosing one name?

2. “Big deal. Stress out.”

When the time comes to finally start talking about baby names, we can’t decide on just the right one. Does the name seem too short or too long? Is there a cute nickname to go with it? Does it sound nice with the last name? And speaking of last names…

3. “Whose last name?”

Should we keep the father’s family name? Why not the mother’s? How about a combination of both? Or a new name altogether? Ah! This is so stressful. Where is a wise friend when you need one?

4. “My friends/family would have a superb idea for a name.”

Let me ask them for their opinion. They perhaps have some unique and smart names for my baby. There has to be an adorable nickname too, obviously. My family and I are just stressed out. That is why we can’t think of any nice ones. My friends would definitely know better.

5. “Maybe not.”

I did not like any of the names they suggested. They never even came close to being as wonderful as the ones me and my partner selected. Let me just Google some baby names and maybe buy a book full of names.

6. “Time to create a big list of possible names.”

Let me do some homework with my partner. We will each create lists of names that we both like, swap lists, and cross off ones we do not like. That way, we have a list that only contains the names we both like.

7. “So many months left to decide.”

We have a list and so much time left to decide. Everything will be alright. We just have to see which name really appeals to both of us.

8. “Delete list. Start over.”

I do not like any of these names anymore. None of them seem right. I have to create a new list. Alright, time to start from scratch. Let me call Sonya for some suggestions first. Oh wait, Sonya is a nice name too right?

So, there you have it – a complete train of thoughts that run through every mother’s mind when that time comes to finally name their baby. Hope you find a perfect name for your child. Do share with your friends and family if you could relate with this article or actually got some new ideas.

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