A natural C-section is something between a Caesarian (abdominal delivery) and a normal vaginal delivery. Parents often plan about which one they want to have. However, every couple may not have a choice. Once the birth process starts, doctors take decisions based on the mother’s health condition and that of the baby.

A natural C-section is the same as having an abdominal surgery to bring your little one in this world, but a little more traditionally. It is more personal and allows the family to enjoy the moments of childbirth together.

Here is everything that you need to know about it.

1. You have complete control

From the decision of when to begin with it to how you want the mood to be set, everything is under your control. One of the main aims of a natural c-section is to help the mother relax and make it more like a birth process than a surgery. Mothers can bring along mementoes and blankets from home to give themselves a feeling of being at a familiar place and not in a hospital.

2. You can be prepared since things happen on your terms

Another advantage of a natural C-section is that you get to chose where the needles and the instruments go. Mothers usually feel restricted during surgeries, as they are under anaesthesia. But under this method, you can ask the staff or nurses to do certain things your way, and if it is possible, they comply.

3. Be the first one to see your baby

Doctors usually walk through this process as slowly as possible to allow both mother and the baby time to cope with the pressure. The moment of your baby’s arrival, the doctor drops the curtain for you to see your baby for the very first time. Taking things at a slow pace helps facilitate long-term benefits and even short-term benefits, such as aid in getting amniotic fluids out of the baby’s lungs.

4. Plenty of snuggle time

As soon as the umbilical cord is cut and tied, doctors place the baby on the mother’s chest. This has a lot of advantages, such as preventing heat loss from your baby’s body, promoting a bond between baby and mum, and it also speeds up recovery. While you have your first moments with your baby, the doctors and nurses take care of other things like checking the baby’s well-being as well as that of the mother. At the same time, doctors continue with and complete the process of the C-section.

5. Neat and clean postpartum

Post delivery, you can request the doctors to not wash your baby immediately. Babies are coated with a white sticky coating of Vernix Caseosa, which is very good for them. Your baby might be sticky, but the general process of a natural C-section is very controlled and hygienic.

Other than being able to smell the scent of a mother’s breast milk, babies are also able to recognise and associate their mothers with her scent. So, it is advisable to go unscented and let your little one recognise your original scent. Or be very consistent with the fragrances that you wear, so as to not confuse your little one.


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