There is no better feeling than driving back home from the hospital with your baby in your loving arms. Although your baby becomes your priority and you need to caress him/her, it is important for you to look after yourself too.

There are many changes you will observe in your body after your baby is born. Yes, you can finally sleep on your stomach and even tie your shoelaces. But, with all the excitement in the air and your house becoming a home, you need to keep certain things in mind, as there will be a change in the routine.

Here’s a list of things you need to look out for once you’re home.

1. Load Your Refrigerator With Treats

A fully stocked fridge caused no harm to anybody. In fact, it feels like more of a blessing seeing the fridge filled with your favorite munchies and snacks. Eat food items like muffins, cut fruits, salad and yogurt, since it requires the use of one hand only. This way, you will be able to multitask and feed your baby with one hand.

2. Gather Your Cheer Squad

Well, the common mindset provokes thoughts of an independent womanhood spirit. Dear moms, this isn’t true at all. You need your friends and other family members more than you think to support and help you out with your baby. You need to surround yourself and the baby with your ‘happy squad’. Surround yourself with positivity and good people who don’t mind helping you change the baby’s soiled diapers and uplifting your mood.

3.  Do Not Tire Yourself

The phase of post-pregnancy can be a difficult one since it does not let you exert too much. You need to accept the fact that your house will be messy. It is impossible to keep things flowing because you don’t want to tire yourself and pass out. Your baby needs you the most at this time and is heavily dependent on you for nourishment. So, give yourself a break and let loose!

4. Prepare Yourself For Your Baby’s Midnight Frenzy

It is necessary for you to realize that your baby will demand attention even if it is 3 am in the morning. Many moms have had issues dealing with this temperament of their babies. So, getting enough sleep throughout the day becomes important.

If you get enough rest, you will be less cranky when your baby needs you at night. A quick feeding session and everybody can fall asleep again!

5. Hold Your Baby Close

A baby needs an environment just like that inside the womb. They love the warm and cozy environment, so what’s better than a mommy’s arms! Babies need to be trained to alert their five basic senses and it is only possible for the primary caregiver to do so.  

Did you know, that the baby is smart enough to know his/her mom by the taste of her breast milk and her bodily scent?!

6. Baby blues

Ever wondered why you are feeling “blah” or just want to cry your heart out loud, especially after the birth of your baby? According to a popular research, almost 80% women experience emotions like sadness in the first week after the birth of their baby.

It is in fact quite normal to experience this. If it gets worse, you need to consult an elder in the family or visit a healthcare center immediately.  

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