Women have been giving birth since the time of evolution.We have become so accustomed to the medicines and other essential drugs that cease the pain. Now you might wonder if it is even possible to give birth without any medications.Have you ever thought of going back to the age old methods of giving birth that happened without any interference of medications!
As a matter of fact, yes! It is possible for a woman to go au natural and give birth. If your great grandmother could, then you definitely can do it.
Fret not ladies, your body has been crafted in such a way that you could be sans medications while giving birth. After all, the painkillers and other epidurals are just a new addition to this world.
Here are 5 different ways to give birth without the help of any drugs-
Find Yourself A Hot Water Tub
This method is called water birthing or hydrotherapy. This is an ancient method of giving birth because this practice does not involve the use of any painkillers or any other medicine.
You need to get into a large tub of hot water. Note that the water should not be so hot that you end up injuring yourself or cussing at your husband or your cheer squad. The property of hot water is such that you feel relaxed and eased out while pushing your baby out.
The hot water is known to cut down as much as half the pain. It just hugs your body so well and comforts the areas which are otherwise hard to ease the process of giving birth. The contractions that are experienced during this process tend to get relaxed and pushing the baby out becomes a little less difficult.
Exercise Ball
The use of exercise ball can help you relax and regulate the contractions experienced. The squatting position lets your pelvis open and the baby to wriggle out much more rapidly. So, moving back and forth or leaning over a bed while applying counter pressure on your lower back can help in managing pain more efficiently.
Through the stimulation of certain points in the body, the process of birth can be made easier. Feeling terrified already? Don’t lose your sleep over this because the acupressure specialist will attempt an acupressure test on your body to check your level of comfort with this method.
This is a self-regulatory method since the key to easing lies only in your hands. You can teach yourself to relax and focus on regular breathing exercises, visualization techniques, and guided relaxation methods. This will also help you get over your anxiety while giving birth to your baby.Research says that more than 75%women who learned this hypnotic technique felt mild cramping sensations, tightening due to contractions and slight pressure.
The Environment
The surroundings play a critical role when it comes to giving birth. If the place is comfortable, It would help in easing the pain away. So, turning off the lights allows the brain’s instinctive behavior kick in therefore it brings her more comfort.
If you’re in a hospital, then bringing comfort objects like pillows, favored blanket from home can make a huge difference in the comfort levels while giving birth. Soothing music can boost your inner aura so you can get that sudden blob of energy and push that little one into the world.
Unless you’re a man of humor, please refrain from talking to her. Talking too much shuts down the brain’s instinctive side and the logical thought processing side might take over. It could cause complications while delivering the baby.

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