Making the transition from home to daycare can be tough not just for you, but also your child. If only there were ways to lessen the crying that leaves you feeling guilty when you leave your child at daycare.

Here are some tips to prepare your child for this transition, which should reduce the tears.

1. Talk to your child about it

Address the topic well in advance and make it sound fun so that your child is excited to go there. Try to ease it into conversations so that your child is already exposed to the idea.

2. Visit the daycare

Visit the daycare beforehand and take your child on a tour, making happy memories in the place. The next time your child goes there, he/she will associate the place with these happy memories and adjust to the place easily.

3. Take your child’s special things

Bring along your child’s blanket, favourite stuff toys and favourite slippers so they don’t miss them in addition to missing you. This will also make your child feel more comfortable as he/she is surrounded by his/her favourite things and it will feel like home.

4. Don’t sneak away!

Disappearing when your child is distracted is probably the worst way to leave your child. He/she will then assume that going to the daycare will make you disappear, making your child fear the place.

5. Start a cute goodbye tradition

Make your child happy by starting a cute goodbye tradition so that your child has fun and doesn’t feel too bad. Goodbyes don’t have to be hard and end in tears, and it can be a cute and fun game that can lessen the pain of the goodbye for you and your baby.


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