Sometimes, you may need help in making your body go into labour. For this, a healthcare provider can help you by using medication or other methods. This is called “induced pregnancy”. The reason for this can be medical or non-medical. If there is a problem with your pregnancy, like preeclampsia, being overdue or illness, then it is a medical reason. Some mothers want to fasten the process of their pregnancy. This is a non-medical reason. However, if it is not required, doctors advise mothers not be induce labour before 39 weeks of pregnancy, as it has many disadvantages.

Some disadvantages of induced labour include:

1. Stress

Some methods of induced labour can increase contractions and this can stress your baby. This may reduce the amount of oxygen in the fetus and reduce heart rate. This usually happens when oxytocin, prostaglandins or nipple stimulation is used.

2. Abruption/rupture

Other methods that use prostaglandins and oxytocin can lead to abruption of the placenta or rupture of the uterine. Both of these issues can affect the nutrition and health of the fetus.

3. Umbilical cord problems

Induced labour can result in umbilical cord prolapse. Here, the umbilical cord slips into the vagina before delivery happens. This can squeeze the umbilical cord and there will be less oxygen flowing to the fetus, resulting in birth complications.

4. Rupture

This is a rare complication that may happen when a patient has given birth before. In this case, the stitches or scars of the previous labour can tear.

5. Infection

Induced labour can result in infections if it is not done correctly or if the mother’s body does not respond well to the treatment. This can cause problems for the mother and the baby. 

6. Bleeding

In some cases, it is possible that the uterus does not contract completely after delivery. This is because the uterine muscles are not functioning too well. In this situation, the mother may face excessive bleeding, which can be serious.

For medical reasons, induced labour may be necessary, but for non-medical reasons, consult a doctor before making a decision. The success of induced labour depends on person to person, so it is important to understand your health and condition of your body before going for induced labour. 

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