There is no better feeling than holding your baby close to your skin after they have been in your womb for nine months. Skin to skin care, or kangaroo care, is the best way to form a bond with your newborn. This mother and child touch is good for the baby as well as you!

Apart from enhancing communication and forming a relationship with the baby, kangaroo care provides various benefits to the child. Some of them have been listed below. 

1. Skin to skin care provides warmth to the baby

It is important to stabilise your baby’s body temperature. The best way to keep your baby warm is by holding them close to your body. A mother’s breasts play a vital role in adjusting the baby’s temperature and keeping it at an optimal level. Father can also do the same to comfort their baby.

2. Regulates breathing and blood sugar levels

There are times when babies aren’t able to breathe properly or their heart rates slow down. If you hold your baby close to your body, your baby can synchronise his/her own heartbeat and breath to yours. This is due to the strong psychological connection between the two of you. Also, a few hours after birth, skin to skin care can help stabilise a baby’s blood sugar level too.

3. Reduced pain and better sleep

Skin to skin care helps babies sleep peacefully for a longer duration of time. Also, the contact of a mother is always more beneficial than any artificial way of relieving pain.

4. Transfer of helpful bacteria

One way of exposing your baby to good bacteria after birth is through the skin to skin contact with the mother. Early exposure helps in transferring and developing these bacteria. Researchers have found that these bacterial protect the baby against allergic diseases and boosts their digestive system.

Kangaroo care or skin to skin care helps babies adapt to their surrounding and promotes brain development. It also makes breastfeeding easy. Once your baby gets used to the smell of his/her mother body when in close contact, he/she doesn’t resist breastfeeding. 

Not only mothers, but father too can hold their baby’s close and comfort them. Experts have found that the baby finds kangaroo care very comforting with their fathers too and are likely to bond better during this act. For the mother, holding her baby close to her body reduces stress and makes her happy. 

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