Everything can be bought in this materialistic world except love, dear ladies! Money may get whatever you want for your love to pamper them, but sometimes, a small surprise can help express the love in your heart a lot better. These small surprise acts can tell the person you love that they are worth your time and love.

Here are some ways in which you can let your loving husband know you love him just as much.        

1. Cook Him His Favourite Meal

Why do you think this is our first idea for you? Well, it helps you show off your amazing cooking skills and lets him know that his happiness is important to you. Knowing that you put so much effort in cooking the food will definitely let your hubby know that you love him.

2. Go Old School And Write Him A Love Letter

When was the last time you wrote something for your love? So what if he may be around you every time?! You can still write your feelings down to show your love to him in a better way. If you like to write, then you can also turn these feelings into poetry that will melt his heart. Keep this letter somewhere where he can find it on his own and he will be pleasantly surprised. 

3. Plan A Surprise Picnic For Him

A change of atmosphere is required, especially if a person is always busy. Plan a picnic on your own (but first, confirm his schedule) and get him out of his workplace during his free time by turning up unannounced with a picnic basket full of his favourite snacks. A short trip to the park and lunch together will let him know that you care and love him.

4. Make A CD For Him

Even if you are not that of an expert in things related to technology, you can always take help of several sites or tools to help you with this. Creating a CD full of photos that you two took together in the past or even a CD with his favourite music will work wonderfully. You can secretly put the CD full of songs in his car. He will only fall in love with you even more for this.

5. Get Him A “Just Because” Present

You don’t have to spend a lot of money for this. You can make one at home if you are creative, or you can always try new things, right? Make him a gift by putting all your creativity on it and if you’re finding it hard, take the help of the Internet. He will treasure this gift you made with so much love.

6. King Of The Day

For a whole day, spend your time listening and anticipating all his wants. This will surprise him in a much bigger way than anything else. What is his favourite meal? What would he like to see on television? What would make him smile? Think about these and try to make a list of all his favourites. Then try to do as much as you can for him. It will be a very memorable day for him and he is sure to thank you for this with a big surprise!

7. Create A Surprise Love Trail

If you two live alone, this will work best, but if you’ve got little ones, then you need to be careful with them, as they may pick up the trail you’ve created. Make the use of rose petals or anything special that your hubby would like to follow, and lead him to a place where you two can be alone for some time.

8. Throw A Dinner Party

Yes, you heard that right! Secretly invite all his favourite people to dinner to celebrate him and you. It can be anyone—from his closest group of friends to your in-laws or whoever you think would brighten his mood by simply coming over to spend time with you both, even when there is not an important reason to be.

So, we hope these ideas will help you in surprising your lovely husband and let him know about your unconditional love for him. Along with these ideas, you can always add more to the list by simply using your creative mind, of course!


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