Being a mother is not an easy job. It is a full-time job, where you have to sweat it out 24*7 to get the best for your child. In bringing up and nurturing the child, the mother often forgets herself. She stops taking care of herself. With so much hard work and slogging throughout the day, a mother deserves some quality time for herself.  

For her children, a mother will diligently follow every skin and body care routine. However, when it comes to doing the same for herself, she will happily give it a miss. The following skin care routine is vital for healthy skin and every mother must practice them.

1. A well-hydrated body

The advantages of drinking water are known to everyone. Your skin benefits the most from drinking water. Mothers tirelessly explaining the same to their children and ensure that their little ones stay well-hydrated throughout the day. However, mothers need to know that they too need to follow this.

2. Sleeping without makeup on

Makeup undoubtedly adds an extra spark to your already pleasing personality. Many women feel helpless and vulnerable without makeup. However, more than wearing makeup, removing it is important. Your skin is sensitive and the chemicals present in makeup can damage it. Mothers often fail to remove their makeup before retiring to bed. The problem, unfortunately, is not ignorance, but the lack of time or extreme tiredness. We understand that you are tired, but sleeping with the makeup on will do your skin more harm than good.

3. Use a mild face wash and a good sunscreen

Face wash and sunscreen should be an integral part of your skin care routine. Washing the face with a good face wash helps to get rid of the harmful chemicals, dirt, and pollutants. It also opens up the closed skin pores, thus making the skin appear fresh and radiant. A good sunscreen is also important, as the sun is one of the main causes of skin damage. every woman deserves to have good skin and washing the face and applying sunscreen should not be very hard to follow.

4. Exfoliate the skin

Exfoliation is a must for healthy, blemish-free skin. In addition to getting rid of the dead skin, it also improves and increases blood circulation. Using a good homemade or readymade scrub (body as well as face) at least once a week is not much work and every woman must make time for it, as she deserves beautiful skin.

5. Fruits and vegetables

Different fruits and vegetables can take care of many skin problems – from wrinkles to fine lines, skin rashes to acne. Consuming them is one way to get great skin, but you can also make fruit packs with fruits like banana and papaya, which are known for their moisturising properties.

6. A sound sleep and exercise

We all know that sleep and exercise are very important for our body and mind. You should also know that it helps deal with many skin problems effectively. After giving birth, mothers find it hard to get enough sleep and don’t exercise very often. It’s never too late and we suggest you ensure you get enough of the two now, as exercise and sleep are directly related to the health of your skin. 


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