Babies are adorable, no doubt about it. In fact, on the first day, new mothers are in awe of the fact that they created such a cute little darling and they remain blissfully oblivious of the many challenges to come. When they do come to realise what raising a child is really about, they may feel overwhelmed with their duties and responsibilities as a mom.

Here’s a list of common challenges that all moms face and how to deal with them.

Challenge 1: Disagreements with the hubby

Yes, it’s true. Every mom has had at least one argument with her partner about how it’s unfair that they don’t participate as much in looking after the baby. Of course it seems unfair. You get barely an hour of continuous sleep every day and your lazy husband (although adorable) has the nerve to fall asleep because he is too tired after work and one diaper change.

If you haven’t spoken about this with your husband, you are probably one of those wives who doesn’t want to burden him after he gets home from work, making you are one great catch if you think of it. However, our advise is that you do let him know that his help is very much required.


Have a heart-to-heart conversation with him, wherein you each jot down things-to-do for the next one month. This would include everything – picking up groceries, going to work, sending a mail to your mom-in-law, number of diaper changes and even watering the plants. This way, you can each learn to appreciate what the other one does. It really does help when you thank each other for the little favours that you do.

Challenge 2: Breastfeeding

Your baby has a very tiny stomach. It would be the size of a grape at birth and then grow into the size of a golf ball after a few weeks. This means that he/she will get hungry very fast.  

When should you start breastfeeding? How often should you be breastfeeding your child? How can you make sure it doesn’t hurt your already swollen and hurting breasts?


You should start breastfeeding as early as possible – preferably an hour after giving birth. During the first week, your breasts mainly produce colostrum. They would produce just a few drops of milk at the start. Gradually, as you increase the number of feeding sessions, your breasts will start producing more milk. It is a good idea to nurse your baby at least 10 times every day. Keep a gap of only 2-4 hours between each session. If he/she is sleeping, wake him/her up and feed him/her. As for the pain, it helps if you help your baby latch on to your breast correctly – cup your breast and then place your baby’s mouth on your nipple and areola.

Challenge 3: Diaper change

This is one of the main issues faced by moms. Babies tend to wet their diapers quite a lot during the day and if isn’t changed in time, they would not just cry, but be at risk of getting an infection or developing rashes on their skin. How many diaper changes is normal? Is it indicative of anything?


You would have to change your baby’s diaper at least 10 times a day. If the diapers have to be changed more than 13 times, you may have to take him/her to the doctor. If it is less than 8 times, it means that your baby isn’t being fed enough. Make sure to clean your baby’s bottom thoroughly with some warm water and a sponge. Or, use baby wet wipes after every diaper change to keep rashes and infections at bay.

Challenge 4: Sleeping

Babies simply won’t sleep for more than 3 hours without waking up and wailing. Mothers end up having to wake up at night either to feed their baby, change their diaper or cuddle them to sleep. This lack of undisturbed sleep leaves mothers drained of their energy, which means that they won’t be able function properly the next day.


Babies nap every now and then during the day. Mothers can catch up on their sleep during this time. You can also leave your baby under the supervision of your partner, a close friend or a family member for a couple hours, while you catch up on your sleep.

Challenge 5: Housekeeping

With all the diaper changes, pacifying and feeding, mothers feel drained of their energy. In the time that remains, moms should be catching up on sleep, but they end up doing all the household chores – laundry, cleaning and cooking.


Don’t be so hard on yourself. Remember that it is okay to let a few things slide. If you don’t clean your house one day, it’s no big deal. Get your partner to help you out with some of the chores around the house. Call your mom or anyone who you know can cook up a mean meal to help you with lunch. Hire some help to ease the struggle of handling household work.

Hopefully, this new mommy starter kit will help you cope with your busy life. Do share it with all the mommies you care about!

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