Stretches are essential to get your body prepared for labour. You can start doing stretches right from when you conceive. The type of exercise that you can do depends on a lot of factors. It is best to consult a doctor and get his/her approval before starting any form of exercise. 

Here are a couple of dos and don’ts to keep in mind before you start:

-DO warm up by walking or doing knee raises

-DON’T bounce while stretching

-DON’T overexert yourself

Now that you are all set, here are some simple stretches that you can perform 4-5 times every week.

1. Leg

– Lean forward and hold onto the edge of a table, the back of a heavy chair or your partner/friend for support

– Bend your left knee and bring your left foot up towards your buttocks

– Hold your foot with your left hand and bring your heel toward your buttocks, while extending your thigh backward from the hip joint

– Keep your back straight

– Hold this position for 20 seconds and repeat the same with the other leg

2. Neck

– Seat yourself on a chair and straighten your back

– Take a couple of deep breaths

– Now, gently tilt your head to one side and let it fall slowly and steadily towards your shoulder

– Don’t move your shoulder up while you do this

– Hold this position for about 4-5 seconds, then switch sides

– Repeat 3-4 times 

– Next, gently bring your head forward, bringing your chin down into your chest

– Roll your cheek to the right towards your shoulder and hold this pose for about 4 seconds

– Repeat this on the other side as well

3. Chest

– Kneel down with your toes pressed against the floor behind you and your knees resting against a cushion

– Sit back on your heels, bring your shoulders forward and let your head drop forward gently as you reach your arms out in front of you

– Squeeze your butt to come back up on your knees as you inhale and lift your arms out to the sides as you look upward

– Circle your arms back, down and around to the starting position

– Repeat this 5 times and then change sides

4. Hips

– Kneel down on your exercise mat

– Bring your left knee in front to the left of your left hip

– Make sure your left shin is parallel to your hips

– Extend your right leg out behind you, toes pointed

– Place your fingers down in front of you for support

– Keeping your fingertips on the floor, gently push away, bringing your shoulders away from your ears

– Maintain a slight arch in the lower back as you focus on squaring your hips to the ground

– Hold for up to 20 seconds while taking deep breaths

– Repeat the same on the other side


– Sit down with your left leg stretched out

– Place the sole of your right foot against your left inner thigh

– Place your right hand on the ground next to you, fingertips pointed away from the body

– Now, exhale as you extend your left hand over your head and press your hips up

– Inhale to lower down, placing your hips back on the ground

– Repeat 4-5 times and then switch sides

6. Shoulders

– Stand up straight with your feet shoulder width apart

– Bring your left arm out in front of you at chest height and bend it slightly

– Take your right hand, place it on your left elbow, and then gently pull your left elbow towards your right shoulder as you exhale

– Hold the stretch for five to 10 seconds and then switch sides

7. Back

– Kneel in front of an exercise ball with both palms on top of the ball and your toes pressed against the floor behind you.

– Keeping your hips over your knees, exhale as you tuck your chin inward and extend your arms to roll the ball forward until your upper body is parallel to the ground

– Draw your shoulders away from your ears and allow your lower back to arch in a comfortable position

– To come out of this position, exhale and tuck your hips as you press your hands into the ball and roll it towards your body as you focus on bringing your spine back to an upright position

Please do consult your doctor before trying these stretches. Share this with all your friends and family, especially pregnant women, if this article helped you.

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