You might already have a pretty good idea about the type of foods and flavours that your child loves. But maybe there’s a special occasion coming up and you want to give your toddler something that you know he/she will love for sure.

Here are few flavours they’ll love indulging in.

1. Chocolate

This is pretty self explanatory. Have you ever come across a kid who didn’t go gaga over chocolates? However, it is important to know how much chocolate is good for your toddler. Moderate amounts of chocolate, especially high quality dark chocolate, has many health benefits, so it is a better option.

2. Peanut butter

Peanut butter is the sort of flavour that can be used to make many delicious treats for your child. Peanut butter cookies, peanut butter with banana or the classic peanut butter and jam toast will make your toddler salivate. You will be happy to know that peanut butter has many nutritional values such as iron, fiber and protein that can aid in your child’s growth.

3. Cheese

Imagine nachos dripping in cheese or pulling out a slice of cheesy pizza. Doesn’t it make your mouth water? Then imagine what it does to your kid. They are bound to love anything that has to do with cheese. Cheese and other dairy products are high in protein, calcium and vitamin A. However, since cheese is high in saturated fats, give small portions of it to your child. 

4. Spice

It’s not just your child’s sweet tooth that needs fulfilling, but his/her savoury buds too. A lot of kids enjoy spicy foods and these dishes are not bad for their health either. Just keep it moderate or your kid might just end up crying his/her eyes out.

5. Fruity

We know what you’re thinking. Anything healthy and your toddler keeps it at an arm’s length. However, if you ask your child what his/her favorite food is, the answer might surprise. A lot of kids like fruits, as it fulfills their sweet tooth cravings. Rather than giving him/her a banana or a strawberry as a whole, cut it up into pieces and drizzle some chocolate sauce over it. Even baked goods like strawberry cupcakes or a plum cake will make be hard for him/her to resist. Trying to keep yourself from devouring these goodies will be the hard part!   

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