Skincare products are of utmost importance because when you have flawless skin, you will naturally look beautiful. Caring for your skin everyday keeps you looking healthy and young. That being said, there are certain beauty products that every woman should have on their favourite list.

Here is a list of those must-have products.

1. Day Cream

Day creams moisturize the skin and help prevent skin tans. They help keep the skin firm and soft. They should contain milder ingredients like vitamin C, arbutin and kojic, and not ingredients like hydroquinone and glycolic acids that could be harmful to your skin when exposed to the sun. A day cream with an SPF rating is essential.

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2. Night Cream

A night cream rejuvenates the skin overnight. It also has anti-aging properties and improves the elasticity of the skin. It has de-tanning properties as well. They are generally thicker than day creams and penetrate deep into the skin over the long hours of the night as you sleep.

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3. Under Eye Cream

If you haven’t tried these yet, please do add this to your list. Why should you buy a cream specific to under eyes as opposed to using the same moisturizer you use for the rest of your face? The skin under your eyes is very delicate and sensitive. Your regular face moisturizer is too heavy to use on the skin around your eyes. Also, the skin around the eyes is quite dry and fragile. Signs of aging appear on the eyes if you don’t care for them.

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4. Chapstick

Of course, in order to get your lipstick to make you fab, your lips have to be healthy. So, choose a chapstick that is going to moisturize and repair your lips. A chapstick with SPF 30 or higher is best for when you are heading out. You can apply chapstick as a base for your lipstick.

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5. Lipstick

The right shade of lipstick speaks volumes without even uttering a single word. It is important to have that one go-to shade to wear with any kind of clothing – one that you can carry along for any outing to finish up your look.

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6. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a must to protect your skin not just in summers, but even in winters. The sun can be harmful even when the temperature drops. So, stack up on some sunscreen to use the whole year round – one that protects your skin from UVA and UVB rays.

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7. Cleanser

Clear healthy skin is really the only thing you need to look beautiful. The right cleanser can help you reach this goal. It helps remove dirt, oil and make up from your skin.

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So, there you go – a complete list of beauty products to help you look and feel your best at all times. Share this with all the women you care about.

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