We all want our little ones to grow up to be dynamic. We want our children to be confident and kind, intelligent yet humble. Parents focus a lot on activities, in order to make their children good at everything. So much so, that they go into the hyper-parenting mode. To their delight, their kids DO become good at sports, drawing and the like, but are they developing one of the most important soft skills – confidence?

Parents often forget this important aspect of their child’s personality. In order to communicate and put forth their views, or to have enough courage to take part in school competitions, your child needs to be confident.

Here are a few ways to raise your children to be confident.

1. Coach them. Don’t control them.

Most parents pamper their children beyond repair and often resort to helicopter parenting. Letting your child do things on their own makes them independent and helps them gain confidence while doing other things in their life. Doing things FOR them robs them of the opportunity to think their own way, which often leads to restricted thinking.

2. Nothing is perfect

We, as adults, want everything to be perfect. Kids have their own way of doing things, which might be messy and sometimes not entirely correct. In such cases, parents should guide them towards their final goal and help them innovate. No one is perfect and neither are your children. Learn to accept this and refrain from scolding them for the smallest of misdoings.

3. Challenge them

Kids often learn new things at school and share them with parents when they come home. Try to take an initiative and build puzzles or riddles to make them think beyond the routine. This will not only develop their neural abilities, but it will also be a great confidence booster for them. However, remember that they are children, after all, so give them tasks that are manageable.

4. Let them fail

While making sure that you give them manageable challenges, you should also teach them the importance of failure. You shouldn’t rescue your child at every possible opportunity. Let them fail at times. It is only then that they will truly learn the spirit of keeping up and not giving in to obstacles.

5. Encourage them

Your kids might have enough confidence but may lack the courage to do a particular thing. It is very important to induce self-encouragement in children by making them speak in front of an audience or by asking them to just GO FOR IT. Unless they have the courage to go to the stage, the world is not going to know about their confidence.

6. Positive self-talk and empathy

Talk to your children and make them talk to themselves, at times, about positive things. You shouldn’t criticise your children for their mistakes. Instead, evaluate and try to empathise. Once your child knows why he or she committed the mistake, they would become more confident about their next course of action.

7. Look out for their special interests

Have you ever seen Sachin Tendulkar talk about anything else but cricket? No, we haven’t. When a person loves a particular thing, they become masters in that field and hence, automatically grow confident about their skill sets. Instead of forcing your children into hobbies or academics, nurture their interests and look out for the things that they are naturally good at. This will build up a natural confidence in them.

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