You see your kid overpowering other kids, being mean to them, making fun of them, bossing over them and forcing others to do what they don’t want to do. You’re probably convincing yourself that your kid is being a leader and is just bossy and authoritative. However, the truth is that your kid is actually a bully!

Being a bully is definitely not a good thing. Here’s why:

– Bullying hurts the victims not just physically, but even mentally and emotionally. Bullying is not just when a kid is beaten up by a bully. There are a lot of different types of bullying.

– Calling names and taunting another person to the level of making them suicidal, pointing out their faults regularly in order to make the victim feel bad about themselves, putting others down so you can feel better about yourself – all of this is bullying.

– It is important that parents stop their child from bullying as soon as they become aware of it. No likes a bully and it could lead to your child not having anyone who genuinely cares for them. It can also lead to other children who have been victims ganging up and taking revenge.

Why do people become bullies?

– Children are not born bullies. They become bullies when are insecure, hurt, jealous, depressed or even just feel bad about themselves.

– This results in the children taking out their anger on others by making others feel bad about themselves. When someone else feels insecure, the bullies feel better about themselves. This happiness usually lasts for a very short time, which is why bullying is a continuous thing. Bullies constantly need to make others feel bad to make themselves feel better.

– Some children also turn to bullying to be able fit in and be ‘cool’. As bullies in school are usually popular kids, the to-be bully often tries to emulate them and joins their ‘gang’.

– Sometimes, bullying also becomes a defense mechanism to avoid being bullied. If you are a bully yourself, you might not be bullied. However, instead of being a bully, it’s better if a child just knows how to be confident and fight back. 

Why is this bad for the bully?

The bully might not just end up getting a bad reputation in school, but might even face repercussions later on in life. Bullies usually turn into controlling, bossy and nasty people who might not be tolerated in workplaces, where co-operative leadership skills are valued and awarded. Bullying would also affect a bully’s loved ones, as the people associated with the bully also end up paying the price of their reputation.

Why is this bad for the victim?

Bullying can prove to be fatal to victims of bullying – victims usually become physically, emotionally and mentally weak. The constant pressure faced by them makes them very insecure and it might take a long time for the victims to get back to normal. As mentioned above, bullying beyond a point would push some kids to take the extreme step of ending their life or even take the bully’s life.

How do parents rectify this?

Bullying can be controlled by interventions – by letting the child know about the effects that his/her behaviour has on another kid. If the kid is made to understand, it is likely that he/she would stop bullying other kids. If it is completely necessary, then you might have to be strict with your kid in order to discipline them, but if that means that you kid will stop bullying, then it’s worth a shot. Remember, you wil only be helping your child.

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