A newborn baby is gifted by Mother Nature with a set of skills necessary for survival, as they have little control over their body and senses, which are still developing. These reflexes, like kicking at odd times or jerking or twitching, are actually signs that your baby is healthy and fine and that his/her responses are certain and developing gradually. These reflexes also help you keep track of her development.

Here are some really cute newborn reflexes every mother is sure to love.

1. Rooting Reflex

When you stroke the side of your baby’s cheek, s/he turns his/her head in that direction and makes a sucking movement with his/her mouth. This primitive survival instinct can be of great help to nursing moms.

2. Moro Reflex

Sit your baby upright for a few seconds while your hands are still gripping his/her underarms and fingers supporting his/her neck. Then suddenly, but gently, lower his/her back a bit. S/he’ll throw out his/her arms and legs and extend his/her neck. Loud, unexpected noises may elicit this reflex, and s/he may even cry, especially when startled.

3. Grasp Reflex

Try and stroke your baby’s palm with your finger. S/he will grab it immediately, and hold onto it tightly – with all his/her little might. It’s the baby’s way of holding you and trying to get as much skin contact as s/he can. S/he will curl up his/her toes in a similar manner if you stroke the sole of his/her foot.

4. Righting Reflex

If you gently drop a blanket over the baby’s face, s/he will keep shaking his/her head side-to-side and also whirl his/her arms until the blanket falls off. By doing this, the baby is trying to protect himself/herself. During the later stages of growth, this reflex evolves as necessary.

5. Walking Reflex

Hold your baby under your armpits and lower him/her so that one foot touches the floor. S/he will automatically put his/her other foot in front of the one that touched the floor and try to walk.

Your baby comes equipped with many such reflexes and these help him/her to communicate with you when in order to understand his/her problems. S/he resorts to these reflexes to let his/her parents know if they are hungry, scared, sleepy or if s/he wants to play. Parents should try and focus on these little signals to know what their baby wants.

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