Children are always watching, always learning. Children are exposed to a variety of sources – school, TV, the Internet, family, people they meet – and all of them are constantly teaching a new thing to your child. You may never know where a child can pick up certain habits which, if not controlled, may become lifelong.

We’ve listed a few habits that need to be broken as soon as they have been acquired.

1. Nose Picking

This would start off as an innocent activity that kids may do just to clean their noses, which, in turn, may turn into curiosity, and eventually becomes a habit. It’s alright as long as it doesn’t become a really bothersome habit, which is also very disgusting. Help your child get over this by just asking them normally to stop doing this, and ask them to use tissues and wash their hands often.

2. Bad Language

For some of us, cursing comes naturally. We do it when we cut our fingers, when we’re surprised, when we see something we don’t like or when something happens to us. However, when we start using this in our daily language, kids get the indication that it is regular to use swear words. Couple this with the words they pick up in school, and soon you’ll hear them swearing by the dozen. Encourage them to curb this habit by telling them it is a bad habit to pick up.

3. Sucking Thumb or Finger

Toddlers are notorious for picking up this habit and sometimes, it gets so bad, that it may continue late into their teens! It is very important that you ensure your child quits this habit as soon as s/he picks it up. This may actually turn into a nasty habit that could lead to a variety of other repercussions, so we advise you to take steps to control it as soon as possible.

4. Nail Biting

Kids pick up the habit of biting their nails when they’re stresses about something, so it usually starts around the age of 10 years. It may stop after a while, but people have been known to have this habit even as late as their late 20s and have found it incredibly difficult to get over it. Applying lotion to your hands is something that can be done to control this pesky habit, as the taste of lotion will prevent your child from wanting to bite their nails.

5. Phone Addiction

Ever heard of babies being addicted to cell phones? Well, it is true, and it might happen to your kids if you don’t keep a tab on how much s/he is using your phone, or even technology for that matter. It is inevitable that your kid uses technology in this day and age, but it is equally important to monitor the usage too.

6. Treatment Of People Around Them

Kids are always picking up on the behaviour of people around them, whether consciously or subconsciously. The way you speak to the shopkeeper at the store, to the house help, your spouse/partner and even the way you speak to pets – kids pick up on everything. Be careful of what and how you speak, and also watch how your kid treats people around him/her.

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