Every parent wants their child to succeed in life. But more than anything, they want their child to be happy and content. An optimist is someone who looks at life in a positive light and makes the best out of any situation. It takes a lot of patience and kindness to be an optimist. Teaching your child how to be an optimist will teach him/her how to be a mature, self-sufficient and responsible adult.

So, here are some tips on how to raise your child to be an optimist.

1. Look On The Bright Side

Everything happens for a reason. If one thing goes wrong, something else will go right. In an unpleasant situation, teach your child how to look on the bright side. Make them understand how to take the positives out of any situation and come out of it feeling happy. If your child wants to go out to play and it starts to rain heavily, make do by playing at home. Prepare some hot pakodas (or any of their favourite snacks) for them as they play and serve it to them whilst telling them a story. When they fall sick, prepare soups that they like and keep them feeling happy and warm.

2. Solve Problems Together

If your child is feeling down about something that happened at school, talk to them about it. Let them know that whatever has happened, it is not permanent. If his/her close friend changed schools, show them how easy it is to make new friends. If they are finding it hard to cope with changing schools, make them realize how many new friends they could make in the long run and how they can always keep in touch with their old ones. Teach them how to solve problems on their own by giving mere hints. Eventually they will become efficient problem solvers and positive thinkers.

3. Give Them A Fresh Point Of View

With any problem, whether it is a fight with a sibling, a friend or their father, it helps if you give them a point of view. Make them understand the concept of a point of view. The way you see a problem and the way s/he sees it are totally different after all.

4. Don’t Raise Your Child In A Bubble

Your child deserves to know that everything is not going to be served on a golden plate. The world is not all candy and fairy tales after all. If a teacher or a classmate is being unfair, talk to whoever is bothering them, but before you do so, teach your child that some people are going to be nasty. Some people just don’t know how to be nice and they cannot change it.

5. Acceptance: Success And Failure

Teach them how it is okay to not succeed sometimes. Tell them that it is in fact good to make a couple of mistakes sometimes and that it is the best way to learn. When we fail, we must analyse what we did wrong and try not to repeat those mistakes. The best time to teach them this could be when they fall off their bicycle a couple of times or after their friend beat them at a sport. Nobody is perfect. However, practice can make you perfect.

6) Practice Gratitude

By teaching them to be grateful for all the little things, you are teaching them to be more loving and accepting of the world around them. Make it a habit to say a prayer before you eat – thanking the farmers and the sunshine that made it possible for you to enjoy the food you eat today. Say ‘thank you’ to the waiters at restaurants and encourage your child to do the same.

Remember that setting an example is the best way to ensure your child becomes an optimist. Take life in a positive stride and never stop smiling around your child. This way, your child will not only be an optimist but s/he will also become strong like his/her parents.


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