Ahh! Pregnancy is such a wonderful thing to happen to a woman.  Although it is all so exciting, it does come in with a lot of surprises, awkward times, some embarrassing..really embarrassing moments and most importantly the questions that will be asked to you that could make you super uncomfortable.  

Imagine you’re going for a walk and somebody asks “Are you pregnant or have you just been eating too much” Imagine that level of awkwardness you’ll have to deal with. There are so many questions like this one that will make you roll with laughter. 

Here’s a compilation of the funniest questions that have been asked to pregnant women all over the globe:

1. I want to offer you my seat on the bus, but I don’t know if you’re pregnant or just fat. What do I do now?

2. How does it feel being pregnant? You’re carrying another human being inside you!Does it not creep you out?

3. Do you actually loosen up down there? Like does your vagina turn into a wizard’s sleeve?

4. Hey!! Did you plan this pregnancy or was it just another surprise!

5. Did you taste your own breast milk?

6. Do you have stranger and weirder dreams while you’re pregnant?

And finally

7. How many times in a day do you think about the pain during childbirth?


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