There are many superstitions associated with birthmarks. They might have something to do with your kid’s past life or how their future is going to turn out. Are you curious to find out what that little spot on your child’s leg or cheek could mean?       

Here are a few common places your kid’s birthmarks can be found and their significance.

 1. Forehead

A birthmark on the right side of the forehead means that your child is very intelligent and will most likely excel in education.

In case the birthmark is on the left side of the forehead, it means that your child will turn out to be irresponsible and extravagant.

One on the centre of the forehead indicates that people will find them attractive and they will win over everyone’s hearts.

2. Cheek

For a boy, a birthmark on the left cheek will mean that he is committed to every activity he is involved in, whereas one on the right cheek means that he might suffer due to financial problems.

For a girl, if the birthmark lies on the right cheek, it suggests that she will have a happy married life and a birthmark on the left cheek indicates that she might be a pessimist.

3. Lip

A birthmark on the lip points out that the child will be a talkative person in general. If it’s in the corner of the lip, it means that your child enjoys eating, and a lower lip birthmark means the child will carry out all their responsibilities seriously.

4. Neck

A birthmark on the neck will indicate that your child will be a very successful individual. However, they might have to part with their loved ones in the process of achieving success.

5. Leg

If your child has a birthmark on his/her leg, it means they’re dependent on other people to make decisions for them. Having a birthmark on the thighs suggests that the person will lead a happy life and will prosper in many things.

6. Back

A lower back birthmark suggests that your child will be a honest person. A birthmark on the upper back means that they will flexible and open to new ideas.

7. Hand

A birthmark on the hand – both right and left is a positive sign because it indicates that your child will be endowed with great abilities. If your child’s finger has a birthmark on it, it might mean that they prefer being independent.

It’s not just the position, but also the colour of the birthmark that matters. A white-colored one might suggest a wound in the previous life and a red one points to a burn mark from the child’s past life.

It is important to know that birthmarks and their meanings have different interpretations in different cultures. So, do not worry if a birthmark on your child suggests something negative. These are obviously not proven fact,  but they are fun to look into when you have some time on your hands. 

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