Your baby is a little ball of softness and his/her body right now is quite delicate. You might find your baby simply lying down and mostly at ease, but did you know that your child actually gets to work out even when they’re doing absolutely nothing?!    

If you have observed your baby kicking things or just doing it mid-air because they feel excited or when they wriggle while you change their diapers, they’re actually strengthening their muscles. This is actually good for them, as they are only trying to improve their motor capabilities. 

Here are few exercises that will help your child strengthen your baby’s developing muscles.   

1.The Superman Exercise

You need to lie down on your back and your knees need to be drawn up close to your stomach. You need to balance your baby by his/her stomach on your knees and shin. Try to stretch your baby’s arms towards the side. That way, s/he will end up raising his/her head and then draw his/her arms back into the original position. This will be a kind of exercise for you too.

2. Air-cycling

This is a great exercise to help your baby get rid of the gas stuck in his/her stomach. It is not only a natural way to let the wind out, but it also helps in the development and flexing of muscles in the knee, legs, hips and abs region. This exercise helps babies become more flexible and unlocks any jammed muscles.

Mom tip: Make sounds like “coo coo” or “vroom vroom” or any other related sounds to add more effect to the exercise. It is fun to watch kids enthusiastically exercise and cooperate that way!

3. Stretch that neck

Your baby’s neck is super fragile and delicate, and it is relatively loose to bear the weight of their enormous head. Even if your baby is just 6 weeks old, he/she is able to lift their head for at least for a few seconds when kept stomach facing down.

Let your little one get the hang of this exercise because the neck needs to be strong enough to balance the head. It will only help in strengthening the muscles and improvising the eye-head coordination when your baby becomes a little more adapted to his/her surroundings.

4. Open and close

Let your baby lie down on his/her back and you hold both his/her hands. Stretch them comfortably in an outward direction and then contract the hands back in an inward position. Repeat this exercise a few times after a 5-minute interval. It will help your baby in easing and relaxing their arms and understand how they can be stretched to reach out for things.

5. Crawling

Once your baby is around 7-10 months old, s/he is all ready to explore on his/her fours. Your little adventurer crouches on all his/her fours and begins rocking in a front and back direction to establish motion. You’ll see them fall with a thud on their bum, but it is a kind of an exercise to establish a control over balancing.

6. Straight and upright

Babies begin rolling even before they can sit up straight. It is seen among babies between 6-8 months. Although the baby uses the similar kind of muscular exercises to stretch, it is all up to him/her to understand the way the legs can be positioned in order to position the upper body.

These muscles stretches and movements will also teach him/her how to stand up straight with proper balance. You will hear a lot of crying because your little one may not be able to fall back down. So, here’s what you’ll have to do- show him/her how to bend his/her knees. Guide your child and show him/her how it is done. 

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