Children are cute little devils on wheels. They can never stay still in one place, and always want to do something. The best way to calm a kid’s curiosity is to take her/him to different places and let her/him explore.

There are so many places we usually go to with kids – like parks, movies, restaurants and ice cream shops. But here are some refreshing places that you must visit with your kids, show them a great time and educate them at the same time!

1. Amusement Park

Amusement parks are like heaven for little kids. They have everything that kids ever want in one place – land rides, water games, junk food and all their favourite dangerous things! If you’re planning a one-day trip that will be fun and also worth the money, then this is the place to go to. In India, the top amusement parks are Adlabs Imagica (between Pune and Mumbai), Wonder La (Bengaluru) and Wonder La (formerly VeegaLand) (Kochi).

2. Museum and Planetarium

Museums and planetariums are a great way to get your kid to be excited about learning. Kids usually are fascinated by mind-boggling information when they can see it, and museums are a great way of that being possible. For example, instead of just teaching the kids about Akbar and Ashoka, if you take them to a museum and present it in the form of a story, they’ll gobble it up. Planetariums are also a place where you can teach your kids cool science facts and amaze them.

3. Gaming Arena

Girls, boys, others – everyone loves gaming. It is a great way to relax and cool off after a week’s hard work, be it at school for the kid or for you at work. Make sure you take your kids out to gaming arenas and introduce them to the coolest of all addictions – but be careful, they might just get addicted.

4. Beach

For people living in beach towns/cities, this might not seem like such a big thing. But for children who live in landlocked places, beaches are like their dreams come true. Let them experience the vastness of the ocean, the saltiness of the water and the freshness of the ocean breeze. You’re actually doing your child and yourself a huge favour!

5. National Parks, Zoos and Bird Sanctuaries

All children ever want is to be fascinated. And what better than a natural park filled with animals that they’ve only read about in books? Sanctuaries and bird parks are places where kids can learn a great deal about wildlife while also learning about the need to conserve the environment. Safaris also offer an opportunity to watch their favourite animals up close.

6. Hill Stations and Lakes

Hill stations can be great places for a lot of different activities – horse riding, boating and adventure sports to name a few. Kids can also get to experience chilly weather for the first time, if they already haven’t. If you go higher up, you might just get to experience snow, and we assure you that that would be a life-changing experience.

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