Illness in a child is one thing that disheartens and saddens all mothers, and if a newborn baby gets even slightly ill, the mother is bound to get tensed and freak out. But some illnesses are such that they might seem like a big deal, but can actually be remedied or controlled in very simple ways. Colic is one such illness, which leads to the baby crying too much due to discomfort in the stomach and intestine, which often tends to go on its own. Yet, there are certain ways through which you can make the baby comfortable or even help him/her get better faster. Some of these ways are listed below.   

1. Warm Compress

Take a soft towel and dip it in warm water. Remove the excess water and gently press the baby’s stomach with the hot water. It will release the trapped gases and give instant relief to the baby.

2. Oil Massage

Regularly massage the baby’s stomach with oil and it will help relieve the colic pain. The massage will also help prevent further colic pains in the future.

3. Make Them Burp

In order to reduce the chances of colic pains, it is advised to make the baby burp after feeding them so that the chances of gas getting trapped is reduced. Also, it will help the baby in his/her digestion.

4. Knee Bending Exercise

Even babies need exercise in order to improve their digestion, especially when they are colicky. A simple knee bending exercise will help ease the pain and get their digestion on track.

5. Warm Bath

It is often seen that a warm bath soothes the baby and also gets the blood flowing. It even helps release the trapped gases and improve digestion.

6. Feed Frequently

Feeding the baby at constant intervals and frequently helps reduce the chances of gas getting trapped and thus, reduces colic pain.

7. Keep Them In Motion

Babies tend to respond well to being kept in motion when they are suffering from colic pain and thus, it is quick relief for them if we hold them and keep moving or take a car ride with them. 

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