Fever in babies should never be taken lightly and thus, it becomes important for every parent to know how to check their child’s temperature. To help you with this, we have listed below 5 ways in which you can check your little one’s temperature and act on their fever as soon as possible.

1. Placing and holding the thermometer under the arm

One of the most common ways of taking your baby’s temperature is by placing and holding a thermometer under your baby’s arm. Bring the thermometer to your baby’s armpit and bring down their arm in a way that the thermometer is held at the armpit. Ensure the thermometer touches your baby’s skin when you do so, and not over clothing, in order to get an accurate reading.

2. Using a rectal thermometer

For a more accurate reading, taking your baby’s rectal temperature is recommended. Although this might agitate the baby, it is a method that even doctors find more precise and convenient. If you feel that taking the temperature from under the arm is not giving satisfactory results, then this method can be used. 

For parents who do not feel comfortable checking the temperature in this way on their own at home, but feel the requirement to do so for accurate results, do visit a doctor.  

3. Putting the thermometer in the mouth

This method should be used after the age of 1 year, as you might not be able to put the thermometer in your baby’s mouth properly before this age. By putting the thermometer under the tongue, an accurate reading of the body’s temperature can be taken. This is the most used method among adults.

4. Putting the thermometer in the ear

This method should be used after your baby turns a year old. This is because, in younger babies, the ear openings are small and it becomes difficult to properly insert the thermometer in the ear. The thermometers used in the ears are slightly more expensive, but are a good investment, as they give very accurate readings.

5. Using an infrared scanning thermometer

If you are using this thermometer, then all you have to do is bring it in front of your child’s forehead and you will get the reading almost instantaneously. Though expensive, this thermometer provides accurate reading, is hygienic, and will cause the least irritation for your child. 

Although it is important for every parent to know how to check their child’s temperature, going to the doctor is compulsory during a fever, especially if your baby is between the ages of 0-6 months. It is also important to note that parents should never try to medicate their child on their own without consulting a doctor.

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