Pregnancy, the most beautiful and exciting phenomena on earth, often tends to leave its physical scars on a mother. Though it is something a woman looks forward to, the physical problems, however, are something that every mother would want to overcome. Pregnancy brings about a lot of changes in the mother’s body, especially the skin, which stretches as the womb grows to accommodate the baby. As a result, women are likely to find stretch marks on their belly during and after pregnancy, but these can be very well taken care of. The most effective way to prevent excessive stretch marks is to nourish your skin from the very beginning of your pregnancy.

Though many products are available in the market for various skin problems, the ones we bring to you are soothing, moisturizing and completely free of harmful chemicals, including paraben and phthalate. Try these products and you will feel the effects soon enough.

1. Dealing with stretch marks

The most visible problem that arises during and after pregnancy is stretch marks. Stretch marks arise due to less flexibility and stretchability of the skin. Palmer’s Massage Cream and Palmer’s Lotion for stretch marks are among the easiest and soothing ways to help deal with this problem. These cocoa butter-based products not only help reduce stretch marks, but also prevent them from spreading by increasing the elasticity of the skin and simultaneously moisturizing it. The unique formula of the products helps improve healthy collagen, which are the building blocks of skin. The products will help in fading the stretch marks post pregnancy, while simultaneously moisturizing and smoothing the skin.

2. Caring for soreness and dryness of breasts

It’s no surprise that breastfeeding results in soreness, dryness and cracking of the nipples and breasts in most cases, but this isn’t something that cannot be avoided. The 2 products that we bring to you help moisturize your breasts, preventing soreness. The cocoa butter-based Palmer’s Nursing Butter contains pro-vitamin B5, which in addition to cocoa butter helps moisturize and soothe the skin. The added advantage is that the butter can be applied as often as necessary and does not need to be washed, as it is derived from natural components. The cocoa butter-based Palmer’s Bust Cream is a specially formulated cream that smoothes on like a gel and helps in firming and toning the bust area even after child birth and subsequent weight loss. The elastin and collagen components help support the skin around the bust area, while the cocoa butter and shea butter help moisturize the skin and make it smooth.

3. Facial skin care

During pregnancy, although the face gets that pregnancy glow, it also starts becoming dry and devoid of nutrition in addition of loosening of skin. Thus, taking care of your face must be one of the most important things that you do before, during and after pregnancy. The product that we are introducing to you is a cocoa butter-based face oil by the name Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil (Face), which consists of 9 types of anti-ageing oils, each included for their ability to keep the skin healthy, tight and glowing. The added retinol (Vitamin A) reduces the appearance of wrinkles and helps banish pigmentation while smoothing the skin.

Though after the child is born, the major priority for a mother is the care and well being of the baby, we recommend that mothers try taking care of their skin and health as well, and for that, the products we have suggested will act as a sort of hack, where all you need is 5 minutes in order to bring that glow back to your skin.


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