One of the best parts of having kids is dressing them up in super cute and stylish outfits. Kids fashion has a lot to offer, and we do mean a LOT. When the options are endless, you tend to get confused. So, here are a few different styles for you to explore before hitting the store.  

1. Funky quotes 

T-shirts with quotes or phrases are all the craze in the market right now. They not only look adorable, but will also put a smile on anyone’s face when they read them. 

2. Checks and stripes 

Be it a girl or a boy, checks and stripes are classic go-tos, since they can be paired with anything. You can even layer them up with plain t-shirts underneath. 

3. Pop of colour 

What screams childhood more than bright colours? Experiment with different combinations and shades, but be careful to not make the colours clash with each other. If you feel like your kid’s outfit lacks colour, then add a bandana or a hat or any other such accessories to give it that dash of colour. 

4. Denim

Denim is comfortable and versatile. Shirts, pants, dresses and every other article of clothing you can think of, it’s all available in this fabric. Denim trousers for kids have a way of turning any simple look into an uber-stylish one.

5. Jumpsuits 

Jumpsuits look good on adults and kids alike. You can get them in different patterns and the best part is that you don’t have to worry about pairing up a top and bottom since it’s a single outfit. 

6. Pretty dresses

For some major princess vibes, doll up your daughter in dresses. Pink dresses are a safe bet, but even dresses in pastel or solid colors are a hit among kids. Oh, you can also try a black and white dress with frills! 

7. Keeping it casual 

There’s no need to go overboard when it comes to fashion. In fact, minimalism is what works best. Dress up your kids in something casual chic, like a well-fitted plain t-shirt and pants to give them an effortless-yet-polished look.

8. Back to our roots 

Maybe there’s a wedding or an important party coming up. You can try dressing your kids in ethnic outfits like half-sarees and jubbas to class it up. You can even twin with them by wearing a similar outfit that has the same colours. 

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