Ah yes, we know!! Being a mom can be a bit stressful even when your child is the most well-behaved one on the planet. No one else can do your job the way you do it which makes your job the most honorable one in the world!

That is why you should treat yourself to a yummy snack every now and then. Check out these simple yet delicious recipes that you can make right at home with minimum ingredients.

1. Chip and Dip

This is one yummy treat you can have while binge watching your favourite TV show or a movie at home.

How to make it:

Take a bowl full of curd. Crush the Cream & Onion flavoured Lay’s potato chips into a fine powder and mix the powder into the curd. Add a few drops of lemon and garnish with coriander. Serve the dip with your favourite flavour of Lay’s – they all go really well with this dip!

2. Tangy Tomato Salad

This is the best way to make a light and refreshing snack and sneak in your daily share of lycopene and vitamins.

How to make it:

Dice up 2 large tomatoes, a small onion and half a cucumber. Add some finely chopped chillies to the mix (optional). Top it off with some lemon juice and toss it together. Put a spoonful of this mix over a Bingo! Mad Angles chip of your choice.

3. Chatpata Chaat

This recipe is sure to win any chaat lover’s heart. It has the right amount of zing and tanginess and just enough nutritional value to keep you happy.

How to make it:

Toss a packet of Kurkure Masala Munch into a bowl. Chop up some onion, tomato and chillies and mix it in. Add 3 tablespoons of curd, a spoonful of pudina chutney and a spoonful of sweet tomato chutney.

4. Bajji Surprise

Bajjis are the perfect snack to have when it is raining out or just when you want to indulge in fried food. Here’s how you can make this classic snack even more divine.

How to make it:

Cut up different vegetables of your choice (capsicum, onion, potato, brinjal, etc). For the bajji batter, mix 2 cups of gram flour with 2 tablespoons of rice flour, 2 teaspoons of chilli powder and salt. Add half a cup of water to this and mix well. Dip the cut vegetables into the batter and then deep fry them till they turn golden brown. You can then dip the fried bajjis in curd. Sprinkle some powdered potato chips over these bajjis to give it some extra flavour. Garnish with coriander and serve.

Do tell us if you liked them. Share these recipes with all your friends too!

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