They say the human body is one strange thing to understand because there are literally so many things that happen inside us. You might have heard about how babies pee in your tummy, float in it and even drink their own pee when their inside you. The strangest thing to actually happen is realizing that you’re actually growing an actual human inside of you. Wonderful and scary at the same time, isn’t it?

Here’s a compilation of some unheard facts about pregnancy that we know you’ll love.

1. Pigs, dogs, rabbits, whales and humans – all start as eggs of the same size, i.e., around 0.2mm in length. Yes…Mind=Blown!

2. Legend has it that pregnant women who suffer from a heartburn are likely to give birth to babies with hairy heads.

3. You probably already know that your body develops an organ known as the placenta. But, did you know that the human race is the only group of mammals to not routinely ingest their placenta after birth?!

Fun trivia: Placenta means cake in Latin.

4. Fathers too can show signs of pregnancy!! Not that they’ll pop a baby from their bodies, but they are able to show symptoms like gaining weight, morning sickness, might feel cramps in the lower abdominal cavity. This behavior is known as ‘sympathetic pregnancy’.

5. If you’re a tall mommy or a bit on the heavier side, the chances of you carrying twins or having multiple births is increased! Jeez..now that doesn’t sound so bad…does it?

6. You have a big heart..quite literally. When you’re expecting, the size of your heart actually increases in both length and width.The walls of your ventricles get thicker so that they can pump enough blood for your baby.

7. When in the womb, baby girls already develop the reproductive eggs they will ever need to use. Boys, however, don’t produce sperms till they’re struck by puberty.

8. Cravings can mean other things too. Pickle with ice-cream is one of the most strange things you can ever eat. It is humanly impossible to understand why mums have such weird cravings. In case you ever feel like chewing on an iron rod or if dust suddenly feels delicious, it simply means that your body is lacking in some nutrients.

9. They say you need to listen to good, positive and happy things when you’re pregnant. This is because your baby’s ears are formed and fully functional halfway through the pregnancy. Despite the amniotic fluid blocking away the audibility, babies can hear you.

10. Your baby can get frightened even while s/he’s still inside your womb. 23 weeks into the developmental stage, sudden strange loud noises, like the bursting of a fire cracker, a mommy’s sneeze or slamming of doors, can actually scare the living soul out of your baby.


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