Mother-in-laws can be real sweethearts provided you get along with them really well. They can be really helpful and be loving especially when it comes to looking after the baby. There are certain questions that a mother-in-law should never ask their daughter-in-law and yet they do so ever so ruthlessly. It’s not even funny sometimes. Read on to find 7 outrageous questions asked by mother-in-laws everywhere.   

Q1) “Can you name your first child after me or your father-in-law?”

Mother-in-laws often ask that their first grandchild is named after them. It is okay to make a request once but it is unacceptable for them to put pressure on you to name your first child after them.

Q2) “Why don’t you try cooking, cleaning or comforting the baby the way I do?”  

Everyone has their own way of doing things. As long as the work gets done and the house runs efficiently, this question is completely irrelevant.    

Q3) “Shouldn’t you be putting your baby to sleep earlier?”

Making comments or questions that seem to be questioning your parenting skills can really put you down. They could instead be a little more sensitive and get involved in putting your child to sleep rather than making sarcastic comments.

Q4) “Don’t you know what he likes?”

Ugh! Please, don’t even go there. I mean we get it. He’s her son, she loves him and he loves her too. Likewise, you love your mom and all the things she did for you growing up. You may not be able to make his favourite dal makhani the way his mom likes it but he does like some of your dishes too.

Q5) “Have you gained weight?”

What kind of lady asks another lady if she has gained weight? Oh right! Mom-in-laws. We already spend enough time questioning ourselves and our husbands when standing in front of the mirror about how fat we look in an outfit or how those skinny jeans don’t fit the way they used to. We don’t need to hear that from our mom-in-laws.

Q6) “Where did you order this biryani, cake, etc from?”

This is just mean. How can they ask us this when we worked so hard making the dish? Getting the right flavour, cooking for just the right amount of time – there is an entire science behind preparing the perfect dish. Can’t they just compliment us for once?

Q7) “You cooked today?”

Yes, we may not have tried cooking before marriage. But we are making a conscious effort to learn now. It is hurtful when they ask such sarcastic questions to us when we are doing the best we can. They could instead teach us how to prepare their signature dish or give us a genuine pat on the back when we make do something right.

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