When it comes to giving birth, women have been resorting to multiple birthing methods that are comfortable for them. Even if you’ve read a lot about the different birthing styles, you must have been really confused while choosing the method you’d like to use to give birth. If you’re dazed and confused, this article might be able to help you make up your mind. Although the methods of giving birth can be different, the ultimate goal is to give birth to a healthy baby.

Understanding about c-section versus normal delivery in detail will help you make the right choice for you and your baby:

Pros for vaginal delivery

For the mother

Psychologically it has been proven that women who opt for this method are more positive about the entire birthing experience. It enhances their perceptions about birth and empowers them by letting them understand that they were actively involved throughout the birth.

The skin to skin contact is first established through this method and it improves the mother-child bond.

This method requires a shorter recovery period than the C-section and it is said that the postpartum pain will be less too! The best thing about this method is that it does not require any incisions or leave your body with massive scars.

Due to this, there are fewer chances for any complications to arise. The rate of mortality is also reduced with this method.

For the baby

As for your baby, when the time is right he will automatically prepare himself to wriggle out and that’s exactly the time when your body too prepares itself for birth. S the baby passes through your vaginal cavity, he will automatically expel all the amniotic fluid that is present in his lungs like a reflex action.

Also, when he’s on his way out of you, certain protective bacteria will be ingested by him. These will help in boosting his immune system.

Babies that are born vaginally, are less likely to develop food allergies, asthma, and other respiratory problems. They are also less likely to be lactose intolerant.

Cons for vaginal delivery

For the mom

They say this kind of delivery is more stressful to undergo as nobody is sure how long it could take for the baby to finally come. Some can be accomplished in just a matter of a couple of hours while the others take up too much time.

It all depends on the readiness of the body and the timing of the baby’s arrival. Therefore it is not possible to schedule the time your water actually breaks.

For the baby

Though most vaginal births are not usually complicated, certain complications may arise during delivery like brain hemorrhage( bleeding).

Your baby might face the risk of oxygen deprivation if the is any cord compression or other complication during the process of delivery.

Pros of C-section delivery

For the mom

This is relatively an easier method of giving birth and it is hardly painful. This method allows the mother to plan her delivery date and it eases the predictability factor among mothers to know the time will be right.

A planned surgical method to bring your little one into the world. All you have to do is just prepare yourself mentally to undergo the knives and incisions.

Unlike the vaginal birth, you’re less likely to suffer from incontinence (inability to restrain and contain the nature calls and other discharges). Moreover, you’re less likely to suffer from any sexual problems.

You’ll feel more under control as your baby’s arrival isn’t a surprise for you. This helps in the better planning of leaves if you’re a working woman.

For the baby

The chances for your baby to have any kind of birth trauma is also lowered as there’s minimal use of forceps.

Cons of C-section delivery

For the mom

Women who undergo this method, usually have to stay in the hospitals a little bit longer. It requires a longer postpartum recovery period than the women with vaginal deliveries.

In a complicated c-section delivery, you are prone to surgical disasters like the doctor might accidentally end up cutting your bladder or other body parts or the worst one- he might forget a tool inside your body and sew your tummy just like that.

Research indicates that the odds of neonatal death( sudden death of your baby within the first 28 days of life) is higher in c-section than the vaginal delivery.

For the baby

Respiratory problems are recurrent in these babies. Complications may arise when the mother is being given the anesthesia, it might actually affect the baby.

Or when the incision is being made, it might end up nicking your baby’s head slightly and it is really dangerous for your baby.

In the end, it is you who is going to decide the method depending on your comfort zone. As long as you deliver a healthy baby and your life is safe and secure, you can opt for any method of birth! 

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