You’re lactating. Which means you’re producing milk that needs to be given as food for your baby, and your baby completely depends on it! So, it becomes really important for women who are lactating to maintain a certain nutritional level of health so as to keep themselves and their baby healthy. What you eat affects your breast milk, and in turn affect your baby’s growth and development. 

It can be really confusing to pick and choose which foods to eat and not to eat – do you eat more calories? Do I cut down on junk food? Do I eat more fruits? Also, since you have to eat for two people — yourself and the baby — you may even have to consume even more food than you normally do!   

With all these running through your mind, you still have no reason to worry. Here is a list of foods that we advise you eat in order to remain healthy and keep your baby healthy:


Well, you of course need to have more energy in your system if you have to feed two people. For this, we recommend opting for nutrient rich foods like bread with butter or cheese, fruits like bananas or apples, and cream and yogurt.


You’ll need all the protein you can get, in order to keep up your milk production. Protein help in the baby’s growth and also boost self-healing in mommies. Go for protein-rich food like meat, milk products, eggs, beans, lentils and seafood! Whole grains and fruits and veggies will also help. Vitamins are also essential.


Drink lots of water. It’s really important to have lots of water before and after you breastfeed. If your urine appears to be dark yellow colour, drink more water. But be careful while drinking juices, caffeinated and sugary drinks, because lots of those liquids will cause you to gain weight.


Yeah, strong bones make a strong baby. And iron and calcium-rich foods help in ensuring your baby gets adequate iron and calcium in his/her body. Iron-rich foods like lentils, enriched cereals, whole-grain products, peas, dark leafy green vegetables and dried fruit. Good sources of calcium are dairy products and dark green vegetables.


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