Most mothers are concerned about a Cesarean or a C-Section delivery, because although it is very common, it is still a serious surgery. Your abdomen and your uterus will have to recover from cuts and it might sometimes be a little hard to do so. But here are some tips that will help you naturally and safely recover from a C-Section faster!

1. Keep Moving!

Although it may sound weird, keep moving around. Be gentle with yourself, but ensure that you move the muscles in your body and don’t stay in one place for a very long time. Moving around improves your blood circulation and will help your body recover faster.

2. Change Breastfeeding Position Regularly

You stitches might be coming in the way of your breastfeeding, and feeding from a single breast might come in the way of recovery. We advise you to switch the positions so that your stitches don’t come in the way of feeding your baby.

3. Wash and Dry Your Wound

This is really important! You must wash and clean your wound with water after the dressing is taken off by the doctor, as you need to keep the area clean. Use soap only if you are sure that you can rinse it off well. While drying your skin, pat gently rather than rub it like you do with other parts. Wounds like these are very sensitive and are easily prone to infection. If you notice any rashes, pus, smelly discharge or heavy bleeding, consult your doctor immediately.

4. Take Painkillers If You Have To

For upto two weeks after your delivery, you will have mild to intense pain. To cope with the pain, you can take painkillers after consulting your doctor.

5. Eat Right

Well, of course you have to eat right to recover. Your body will be lacking nutrients and you need to ensure you have the right amount. Focus on foods with Vitamin C and are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. Limit red meat and focus on chicken and salmon instead.

6. Don’t Lift Anything Heavy

For the first few weeks after the surgery, don’t lift anything heavy. At all. If possible, bring your baby up and prop it on pillows to help in your breastfeeding.

7. Be Careful About Sex

Women who have had the C-Section complained of having more pain during intercourse. Your pelvic muscles would be under more stress since your surgery and causes muscle spasms and pains. 

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