Is that special day near? Do you have something in your mind or were you thinking of doing something different this year as a couple? Here are a few crazy, creative ideas that will surely reinforce your bond with your significant other on your anniversary.

Fill it with adventure

A typical anniversary plan will include a romantic dinner with your other half but why don’t you switch it up a little to something more fun and adventurous? You can try hiking, biking and camping or if you’re feeling a little wild maybe even try skydiving or bungee jumping.

Treasure hunt

You can plan this for a month leading up to your anniversary or on the special day itself. You can put together riddles and puzzles that take your hubby around places that he likes and finally lead up to that special dinner or the night you’ve planned with your husband.

Handwritten notes

Nothing is as simple and effective as writing down your feelings and sharing them with your spouse. You can also take adorable facts about your husband and write it on post-its and have them on display all around your house.

Recreate memories

A trip down the memory lane will let your husband appreciate everything that you’ve been through together as a couple. Maybe it’s the restaurant you had your first dinner at, or that art gallery where you discovered your shared interests.

Slideshow of videos/photos

Gather all the photos and home videos you can find of you and your husband and make a slideshow or a compilation of sorts. You can even make a collage and gift it to him. 

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