It is only possible for a doctor to determine the position of your baby inside your womb. Sometimes mothers too are able to tell the position of her baby inside the womb at any time. As mommies spend more days bonding with their baby even when it is inside the tummy, they are able to understand where and how exactly is their baby positioned in their womb.   

There will be these particular signs which will have to be taken into consideration when you’re trying to determine the position of your baby inside your tummy:

1.If you feel your belly and navel pop out and you feel kicks under your rib cage, your baby is probably in a position in which his/her back is facing your front

2.Feeling a bit bumpy and lumpy on your belly, push it gently and if you feel your whole baby move, chances are that you have touched your baby’s bum! But if only the lump moves, then it’s your baby’s head that you touched!

Did you know, that the baby’s head moves independently without the baby’s whole body moving with it!

3. If you feel like your baby’s hiccups, there’s a good chance that your baby’s head is in a downward position.

4. If you’ve felt like you baby is kicking in a place that lies a little above your belly button, that is a good indication that the baby is ready for labor!

5. Feeling your baby’s hiccups high up in your belly? Chances are your baby is facing in a head up direction.

6. If you ever feel an extreme abdominal pain and have aching ribs, in the last stage of pregnancy, you need to understand that your baby is in a head up position with his head being extremely close to your rib cage.

This is a condition of breech birth. But if you don’t feel pain, that means your baby is head down and in a normal delivery position.

7. Using a simple common toilet paper roll, ask your partner or your midwife to listen to your baby’s heartbeat.

If your baby’s heartbeat is caught under the belly button, his head is probably facing downwards.

If your baby’s heartbeat is above the belly button, the baby has his head facing upwards!

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